Passions Update Monday 7/15/02


Passions Update Monday 7/15/02

By Glynis

Chad and Whitney make love and she is sorry for it right after. They were feeling bad when Theresa died and they were comforting each other. The last thing that Theresa said to them was that they should be together. They are feeling that maybe she was right as time went so quickly for her. They talked in the street and then decided that they should go to his studio. They kissed for a while there but Chad stopped the kissing thinking that she was not ready for this. She assured him that this was exactly what she needed to feel better and that it was alright because she really does love Chad. He loves her too. She can't believe that she has done this to her sister. Simone has loved him from the start and Chad has been a bone of contention for both the sisters. She knows that her sister loves him and she is going to be devastated if she ever learns that Whitney has slept with the man of her dreams. Simone has always had this fantasy and no one has encouraged her. Chad doesn't lov!
e her and he looks at her as a baby sister. She could never understand that nothing was ever going to happen between them. It is not just that Whitney feels bad about Simone, Whitney feels bad for making love hours after Theresa has died. What kind of a send off was that for her best friend?
Theresa is never going to come back. What happened for them that night has been a normal reaction. He thinks that Theresa would be proud of them being together. She would like to see them finally get together. That mattered to her very much. Chad wants to play a song for her. He has been working on the song for a while. The music is started..."I know I'm not the kind of guy that you had in mind...." They start kissing again. Everyone knows that they belong together. They will have to set Simone straight as soon as they can. She is going to think that Whitney is stealing Chad from her again. Chad sets her straight on that tip. Whitney is the only woman that he has ever wanted and will ever want. Whitney starts to feel better about things. She really wants to be with this man. He wants nothing to get in the way of their love.

Eve finds Simone in bed upset. She is curled up in a fetal position and hugging her pillow. Simone is feeling bad that a sister has done something terrible to another sister. For a moment, Eve's heart stops as she thinks that Simone is upset about Whitney getting too close to Chad. That is not it. Simone says that she has done something to her sister. She feels horrible about it. She fought with her sister and now she is sorry for it. It is not important what they were arguing about, only that she has to make things up to her sister as soon as possible and in a special way. Simone saw the news about Theresa's execution and she got sad. All that Simone could think about was Whitney and how upset she must be. They are all going to miss Theresa now. Theresa's mom must be feeling very badly now. They feel very sorry for her. How can Pilar go on knowing that her child is dead and that she will never see her child. Eve knows this feeling. She remembers being happy that Chad wasn't her son. That way Whitney can fall for Chad without him being her brother. Simone decides to go and
find her sister. She wants to help her feel better and tell her that she is the best sister in the world.

Luis has just proposed to Beth. He really searched his heart and he knows now that he must be with her as soon as possible and savor every moment of their being together. He loves her. He is still on one knee telling her that he wants to be with her always. She knew that it was going to be a special night but she wasn't expecting this. She is thrilled. Every dream that she has had about she and Luis has finally come through. She has always loved him. He has been thinking about Theresa and Sheridan and he doesn't want to lose her too. He wants to be married to her. Beth's mother is watching from her room. She vows that Luis will never marry her daughter. She is going to stop this. He has no ring for her yet. He stopped at the store to get her a ring but the store was closed and he is sorry for that. She doesn't' need a ring, she only needs him. There is something that they should talk about and he brings up his love for Sheridan. Beth's face gets sad for a moment. What is he going to say? Beth reminds him that Sheridan is dead and he just proposed to her. He tells her that Sheridan has nothing to do with them. He is showing her that he has total control over that part of his life now and she shouldn't worry about that. That is not what Beth's mother wanted to hear. Luis will always have feelings for Sheridan. He will put his feelings for her in a love box and keep it out of his relationship with Beth. Beth loves that he has said that to her. He seems really ready to make a fresh start with her. She feels wonderful. He didn't mean to be spontaneous and rush her into a decision but he felt that he had to move on with his life and she is going to be his life now. She thinks that he has been terribly romantic tonight. She is going to be the best wife that he has ever had. They kiss...under the watchful eye of her mother. She is not going to let this happen. She is going to find a way to stop this madness. She goes out into the living room and interrupts! Beth and Luis. She announces that she has had an accident and needs her bed sheets changed. That is Beth's cue to go into the other room with She wants her sheets changed and her mattress flipped. Beth tells her mother that they are engaged. That is important news and Beth expects her mother to be thrilled, but she couldn't care less. Her mother doesn't care about that. Her nightgown is soaked and she needs her sheets changed. Luis is shocked at her reaction. Luis takes Beth aside and tells her that he will go since her mother needs her. Luis will talk to her later and they will make their plans then. Beth wants to make her plans now but Luis knows that her mother needs her. He knows that she cares for her mother and wants him to leave. He is only being a gracious guest. Beth agrees to do as he wishes. That is what he loves about her, she always does the right thing. They kiss and Beth's mother makes noises so that they will stop sooner. Luis says goodnight to the woman and leaves. He doesn't even want to take some of the food that he brought to share with Beth. Beth turns to her mother after closing the door. She can't believe that her mother did that. She ruined Beth's special night and she did it on purpose. Beth can see that in her eyes. Beth grabs the woman's shoulders and shakes her, "You ruined it on purpose..." Beth feels that her mother's gown is not wet and she knows that her mother is faking. She knows that if Luis knew the truth about Beth and how she treats her mother, he would never marry her. Beth is sure that she is the one that he loves now. Her mother is going to find the key to unlock all the memories and then Luis will never forget Sheridan and that will stop him from marrying Beth. She will never let that happen. Beth has been a bad girl and her mother is going to pray that Sheridan comes back and takes Luis so that Beth can't have him. Her mother gets on her knees in front of her walker and starts to pray to God with her eyes closed and her hands up in the air..."Heavenly Father...Heavenly Father...Please bring Sheridan back to Luis." Beth has started drinking now and she turns to her mother to watch her praying...

It is only moments before the race and he had a feeling that the time was right for him to ask her
the big question. He got on one knee and did it as romantic as he could have in that situation. Brian asks Diane to marry him and she accepts. The thugs are watching them and know that they will never make it to the alter. Liz learns that they are engaged and says that is wonderful. Diane has no ring so Brian finds a piece of round metal and puts it on Diana's finger for now. Liz isn't feeling all that wonderful about the engagement. There was a time when she thought that she would be the one that Brian would be interested in. He is in the garage with his car and he knows that isn't the most romantic place to propose but it worked anyway. His crew comes over to him and tells him that he has to get ready for the race. Brian leaves to her get in the car. Diana doesn't know what she would do if she lost Brian. she knows that she lost someone special once and she can't go through that again. Liz wants him to be safe too.

The baby has awakened and Pilar tends to the child. She really has the magic touch. The child immediately stops crying.

Rebecca and Ivy are in the basement with Theresa's corpse. Rebecca wanted to have a drink to celebrate Theresa dying by lethal injection, but Ivy was too creeped out to join her. When Rebecca took the drink of champagne, Pilar appeared and shouted at her for drinking in the presence of her dead daughter. She left them there but expected them to leave soon. The corpse sits up and tells the women that she is taken them to hell. She knows that she was set up. She is real and dead and she is going to make the women pay. They are both going to hell! Rebecca is freaking out. Ivy is sure that this isn't happening. They turn from Theresa not being able to look at her. When they turn back, Theresa is lying quietly in her coffin again. The ladies feel that their imagination is running away again. That is understandable. They have guilty consciences and so they saw something that they didn't really see. Rebecca thinks that Theresa was a liar and manipulative. Ivy knows that the girl was innocent. She drove them to do what they did. Theresa is standing up now in her coffin. "She tells them again that she is taking them both to hell." Both the ladies scream as they look up at Theresa who is now a towering figure over them as she stands in her coffin on the table. They shudder in fear. They watched her die and they enjoyed it. They are both going to hell. Theresa takes a flying leap out of the coffin and flies through the air at the women. Rebecca and Ivy scream out out fear and they do not stop as they run through the house trying to get out...Pilar is with the maid when she hears the screaming. What is that? She gives the child to the maid and goes to see what is going on...Ivy and Rebecca escape and Rebecca gets out her flask and has a drink. Both of them are hysterical at what has developed. They try to explain Theresa away. Rebecca is feeling guilty about what they have done to Theresa. They try to calm down and get a hold of themselves. Both are drinking from their flasks now. Theresa suddenly taps them on the shoulders, "Where'd you go? We were just starting to party." Both Rebecca and Ivy spit out their drinks and turn to face the ghost of Theresa. Theresa smiles down on them knowing that they are terrified and spooked all the way to hell. Rebecca and Ivy get running off again scared when Theresa again tells them that it is time to go to hell. They run and scream and soon they bump into Pilar. She wants to know why they are keeping the baby awake. They ask if Pilar has seen her daughter in her coffin lately. Pilar thinks that they have done something to the body but that is not the case. Rebecca says that she feels terrible for Pilar and Theresa. Pilar thinks that they have more to say but they are not saying it. Ivy says that she knows that they haven't been friends for a while but she is really sorry for what has happened. Pilar is very suspicious of the two. Pilar leaves them to pray for her daughter and her grandson. She tells them that they will talk soon. Once she is gone, Ivy and Rebecca fear that Theresa is going to talk to her mother about what Ivy and Rebecca did. Rebecca hits the flask again and they decide that they are not going to admit that they saw Theresa sitting up in her coffin. Pilar is with her daughter now and they are afraid that Theresa is going to sit up and talk to her mother. They hear screaming inside the house and they wonder what that was.

The race is starting and Brian is well underway. He is speeding up the car and going around the track...Liz and Diana watch as his car goes around the laps...The thugs watch with binoculars knowing that soon Brian is going to be in flames. The device in the car is lighting up as Brian makes the car go faster and faster. Brian is doing okay and he gets closer and closet to the point where the car is going to explode. Diana and Liz cheer him on. Brian comes in for a check on his car and to get his tires changed, and he is off again. It is a great race with speeds like no one can imagine. His red, white and black car lunges forward at every turn. Liz and Diana learn that Brian is near the final lap and he has a chance at winning. It is time to bring this one home. The meter is in the red zone and fire comes out of the bottom of Brian's car. He is unaware of it. Brian is in the lead
 and has only a few more laps to go. Something is wrong. The temperature in Brian's car is going up.!
 They don't know what is wrong. No one knows yet that his car is on fire underneath. Liz sees smoke on Brian's car. Everyone panics. The thugs see the smoke too. Diana is freaking out now. Brian see's that something is wrong with his car. The fire is at his feet now. Oh my God..."Brian!"

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