Passions Update Thursday 7/11/02


Passions Update Thursday 7/11/02

By Jennifer

In the library, Rebecca and Ivy fight about the tape, as Alistair laughs at them. Ivy finds a tape but it turns out to be “Gone With The Wind.” Rebecca asks Alistair if he knows where it is. Alistair asks them why he should help them. Rebecca yells at him. He acts shocked and tells her that it is not a good idea to get angry. He tells them that the tape is in the house. At the same time Ivy and Rebecca yell, “Theresa’s room!”

Pilar is in Theresa’s room with the baby and is getting ready to watch the tape. The baby starts to cry, she goes to him and calls Luis. She tells him that she is just going to stay up they’re with the baby, and that he should go home and get some rest.

Luis goes into the viewing room and tells everyone that Pilar is going to stay up stairs with the baby and that they should all just go home. Sam walks up the Luis. He tells Sam that he thinks that Theresa was manipulated into confessing. Sam wonders who would do such a thing.

Ethan goes to the casket with Gwen. He tells Gwen that this is all his fault, that he should have helped her. Gwen comforts him and tells him that there was nothing he could do. He says that he should have worked harder, and found a loophole. He walks away. Gwen tells herself that Theresa even has him in death.

Charity goes to Miguel, he thanks her for being there. She asks him if he wants to go somewhere and be alone. He tells her that he just wants to be alone, and walks away. Kay walks up to Charity and asks her if she is upset because her plan didn’t work. Charity says that everything will work out. Kay wonders what she is up to.

Whitney and Chad go up to the casket, which holds Theresa. Whitney tells Chad that her and Theresa used to do everything together. Chad tells her that he understands. Whitney blows up and tells him that nobody will ever understand what she feels like, she tells him that he never lost is best friend. She runs away, and T.C goes to comfort her but Eve pulls him away. She tells him that Whitney need Chad right now, not him.

Luis and Beth go back to her house. Outside they talk about Theresa. He tells her that he is just trying to get a grip on things. He says that he is going to find out who is responsible for Theresa confessing. He looks at Beth and tells her that he can never lose her. Beth smiles and offers to make him something to eat. Luis declines and tells her that he is just going to go for a walk and that he will be back later.

Sam goes to Ethan and tells him that he is welcome to stay at his house for the night. Ethan tells him that he is just going to stay at Sheridan’s cottage. Gwen tells him that she will walk him there.

Charity finds Miguel and once again asks him if he wants to go somewhere to be alone. He tells her no. He says that he is going to stay the B&B. She asks why he’s not staying at her house. He says he just wants to be alone and he leaves. Charity and Kay head towards the cave to find that the real Charity is defrosting. Charity insists that she will sleep with Miguel tonight. Kay says she is not going to have him and tackles her. They begin to fight. Charity drop kicks Kay, she falls to the ground.

Chad finds Whitney outside the recording studio. She tells him that she can’t lose him to, not even for Simone. She says that she can’t live without him, Simone will just have to understand. Chad asks her if she is ready to record. She says yes.

On the Warf, Eve tells Grace that she is really glad that the whole thing with Chad is over. She is glad that he is not her son or else Whitney would be in love with her on brother.

At Sheridan’s cottage, Ethan and Gwen talk. Ethan starts rambling on about Theresa and Gwen loses it. She yells, “ Will you shut up about Theresa, the bitch didn’t deserve to be saved by you!”

During his walk, Luis looks at rings for Beth, and says “ Maybe this is the right time.” Beth goes inside to find her mother. Her mother tells her that Luis will never love her. Not after he finds out how I got this walker, not after he finds out what you did to me.

Ivy and Rebecca stand outside Theresa’s door. Rebecca sees Pilar with the case to the tape. She then flips Ivy’s chair over to distract Pilar. Ivy screams out and Pilar goes to see what’s up. Rebecca slips into Theresa’s room to get the tape but it is jammed. Pilar yells for Rebecca to help her. Rebecca comes out and they help Ivy back into her chair. Pilar goes back inside. Rebecca tells her that she didn’t get the tape. They go inside Theresa’s room to find that the tape is starting to play.

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