Passions Update Tuesday 7/9/02



Passions Update Tuesday 7/9/02

By Jennifer

Diana whips around the racetrack at 6 rpm’s. The light goes from green to yellow. Brian waves the red flag but Diana doesn’t stop. Nick tells himself that if she doesn’t stop before it reaches 7.8 rpm’s the car will explode and she will die. Brian yells to Liz that if she doesn’t stop that car soon she could crash.

Julian throws a rock at the serpent but it does nothing. Timmy yells that Toto found where the demons horn is. But before Timmy can get it, the serpent grabs his shirt and pulls him away from it. Tabitha is watching everything threw the scroll, when it suddenly loses the image. She runs to the chest, which hold the floating head. She knocks on it and the floating head pops out and reminds Tabby that she said she wouldn’t bother him for another hundred years. Tabby tells him that this is an emergency. She asks him if Timmy is alive. The head tells her that Timmy is alive but he is in great danger.

Zombie Charity goes to Miguel. Inside, Theresa hopes that Ethan will save her at the last minute. Some time goes by and she realizes that no one can save her. She screams, “ Please, don’t let me die.” Luis hits the glass and calls out for Theresa, but there is nothing he can do. Everyone then starts to cry for Theresa, except for Ivy and Rebecca. They can’t wait for Theresa to be killed. Theresa begs for someone to save her. She then starts to feel weak and she passes out. The first injection has taken effect. Eve utters that the end is coming for Theresa.

Brian soon realizes that there is only one way to stop Diana. He then runs out onto the track. Nick then states that if Diana hits Brian the car will explode, and his chance with Sheridan will die. The light then turns red, but Diana sees Brian and slams on the brakes. She closes her eyes and hopes she doesn’t hit him. The car stops just in time, one more foot and they would have been picking Brian up with a sponge. Brian runs around to the drivers seat and pulls Diana out of the car. He then begins to yell at her. They get into an argument about the car. Brian asks her what she was doing racing a car that she knew nothing about. Diana tells him that she was just trying to make sure the car was safe. She turns around and looks like she could cry. Brian wraps his arms around her and apologizes for yelling. He tells her that he would die if anything ever happened to her.

The scroll comes back into focus and Tabitha realizes what she has to do to save her precious Timmy. She will call up all of her reserved power and cast a small spell. The floating head tells her that if she does that she could die. Tabby says it’s worth it to save Timmy, cause without Timmy she’ll die anyway. Tabby calls up all of her powers and says a spell; it’s the same spell she once used on Charity before she came to Harmony. The spell works and Tabitha puts her hands into a puddle of water and pulls on the serpent. It lets go of Timmy, Tabitha says another spell and makes the serpent go back to the dark side. Tabitha says she saved Timmy and passes out. The head wakes her up and she goes and looks at Timmy. Julian asks how Timmy got away, and Timmy tells him that his princess saved him. He thanks Tabby through the scroll. Julian demands that they leave right away, but Timmy goes to get the demons horn instead. He gets it and yells “Princess; I’m coming home!” The floating head tells Tabby that Timmy is sure to die now. Tabitha asks him what he is talking about. The head tells her that Timmy will die in Harmony, Harmony is the end of the yellow brick road. Tabitha refuses to believe it.

The second injection is put into Theresa; this one will slow her breathing. As Theresa’s pulse weakens, she tells herself that she can’t die, she didn’t even kill Julian. Father Lonigan wonders how Ethan can just watch her die and not say anything. Beth goes to Luis; he tells her that he can never lose her. Beth holds him and whispers to herself “ You’ll never lose me Luis” she tells herself that not even Sheridan can stop them from being together. Zombie wonders if Beth will be so sure when Sheridan comes back. Miguel walks up to Charity and senses something different about her, but he can’t figure out what it is. Luis sees Alistair and wishes he would do something. Whitney watches as Theresa fights for her life. She tells herself that she is not giving up Chad, not even for Simone. It becomes harder and harder for Theresa to breathe, knowing that she is going to die she whispers out loud, “ I did this for you Ethan.” Pilar and Luis heard what Theresa said but they couldn’t make it out. The doctor tells them that she is just mumbling thoughts, and gives her the last injection. Theresa then slips away into forever.

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