Passions Update Wednesday 7/3/02



Passions Update Wednesday 7/3/02

By Glynis

Liz and Diana are around the car worried that Brian is going to get hurt in this car or worse. Diana talks of crashes and Liz gets angry with her. The women have the same fears. They are being watched by the thugs that are conspiring to win the race by killing Brian in his car. Then they plan to get a hold of Sheridan and her fortune.

Kay goes looking for Miguel to save him from the zombie.

The zombie has capture the essence of Charity. Tabitha is busy at work. They see that Theresa isn't getting a repreive from death row in their visions. They also see a newspaper article that talks about Juliana and Timmy. Zombie couldn't care less about Julian and Timmy. They look anyway and see a vision of them being held behind bars. They are shouting and banging on the bars to be let out. Timmy and Julian are trapped behind bars and they try evrything to get out of jail. They even try pushing Timmy's head through the bars. Zombie wants to destroy Timmy now so that he will not be able to interrupt her evil plans. Tabitha tells Zombie that she should be worried about Miguel and not Timmy right now. Zombie knows that she is right but she is not going to let Timmy off the hook.

Rebecca comes to see Theresa get executed with Ivy. Rebecca acts as if she is at a grand party and she can hardly wait for it to start. They are the only ones that have arrived as yet. That makes them happy as they will have front row seats to the execution. Ivy is only there to make sure that Theresa really dies. How could Theresa have admitted to the crime of killing Julian? She must really love Ethan to be saving him this way. She must be some type of woman to put up her life for Ethan. They watch the clock. Soon there will only be two Mrs. Cranes left. Tick tock...tick tock.

Theresa visits with her baby as Ethan watches. She tells her son that he needs something to hold on to in life. She loves him and will not get to see him take his first step. She tells the child that she will be there watching him always. Chad, Whitney, Pilar and Luis watch as she talks to her child for the last time. They can barely keep from crying themselves. It is so sad. Soon the baby is taken out and it is time to leave Theresa with the priest. He is going to be the one that makes sure that she goes into heaven in spite of her being killed here on earth. Ethan is holding the baby and he looks up at Theresa. She tells him not to worry. She still thinks that things are going to turn out all right. Chad tells her that she has to get a grip she is in the deepest gravest trouble right now and she has to face that. Theresa only asks that Chad take care of Whitney for her. Whitney is her best friend and she hopes that things work out for the both of her friends after she is ! gone, if that happens. Whitney and Theresa hug, then Chad is next. No one can keep the tears back. Miguel comes to his sister and holds her like never before. He loves her and she loves him too. She wants him to be happy in his life. Luis comes to her next. He wants her to tell the truth as he knows that she is covering for someone. She assures him that everything is going to be okay. He hugs her one last time. Pilar comes to her only daughter and holds her face. She knows that her daughter is not guilty and she begs her daughter to tell truth and do the right thing. She begs her daughter, but Theresa only has to look at Ethan and she knows that she is doing the right thing, no matter what happens. Ethan comes to her one last time. He is holding the baby and doesn't know what to say to her. She tells him to go and find a way for her to be pardonned. He can do nothing. Alistair is watching her and knows every move that he makes. There is nothing that Ethan can do to rise above ! the hand of Alistair. What they need now is a miracle. Theresa is sure that they will get one in time. He tells her that the only thing that they need now is the truth. She will not do it. She tells him to take care of her son. Ethan puts the boy in his mother's arms one last time. How is she going to leave him now? The guard comes to tell everyone that it is time. Theresa gives up the child to her mother. Her mother tells her once again that she loves her daughter. Then she turns leaving the cell. Ethan begs her not to do this. Who is she protecting? Theresa turns from them. The priest tells her that she doesn't have to cry this night if she only tells the truth. At that moment she hears her baby crying and begs for her baby to be returned to her. She could be with her child if she will only tell the truth. She gets to hold her child just one more time. Everyone watches her as she stands in the door way of her cell. She tells everyone that they are going to see her again. The! re will even be a party at the mansion when she is freed. She says the party is going to be the best one ever. They pretend that they are all going to be at the party. Theresa beleives that Ethan is going to come through for her in the end. He holds her face and pushes his up against hers. Now he takes the baby from her and steps out of the cell. This is actually the last goodbye. The guard comes to close the door and everyone walks out of the area away from Theresa's view. Theresa smiles after them. What a great family. The priest is there asking how she can do this terrible thing? He knows that Ethan must be the real killer. Theresa explains that she can't let him die for this crime. She will protect the man that she loves, no matter what. She doesn't understand the ramifications of her actions she is told. She refuses to take back her confession. The priest asks her to consider dying with a mortal sin on her soul. Not only is she giving up her life on earth but she is also ! giving up her life in heaven. Is the man that she loves worth that? Absolution is not going to work if she dies with a lie in her heart. He implores her to tell the truth right away so that she will be out of danger. She is dying by her own hand. It is like suicide and she will spend all of eternity in hell for it. This is it, she must make a decision. The officers are there for her to take her to the death chamber. She isn't ready to tell the truth and will not do it. The cuffs are put on her hands and feet. It is procedure even though it is not necessary for someone like Theresa who is cooperating. Everyone leaves the cell and then Theresa walks out lastm, or shuffles out last. The other convict near her says that she is sorry that she gave Theresa a hard time. She asks that Theresa puts in a good word for her on the other side. Theresa nods at her. Then she starts shuffling out as that is all that she can do with the shackles on her feet. She feels that she is doing the rig! ht thing. She continues on her walk. A death inmate calls out, "Dead woman walking!"...Across from the room where Theresa is to be killed, the guests are waiting in their chairs to see the execution. Luis comforts his mother, Beth comforts Luis, Kay comforts Miguel. They know that soon the end will be near...Chad comforts Whitney...Ethan thinks of Theresa and the suffering that she must be going through.

Zombie goes to Kay and tells her that not one, but two of Pilar's children are going to die that night.

Randy decides that he is not going to help the thugs after all and he decides that he is going to tell Brian the truth. The thugs hit him in the back of the head with a wrench and he is missing when Brian tries to find him later.

Diana decides to make sure that the car is in good shape by testing it out herself. She gets the helmet and the jacket and prepares to get in the car.

Liz sees a black cat on the car and thinks that is an omen that Brian shouldn't be in this race. Brian tells her again that everything is going to be fine and that there is nothing to be afraid of. The two thugs enter the room knowing that soon Brian will be a person of the past.

Timmy and Julian are still locked up and trying to get out of the cage that they are locked in...Zombie has decided that she needs to kill Timmy right away. They see a vision of Charity getting out of her ice prison. Zombie is going to punish Tabitha for defying her but right now she has to take care of something else. She commands Tabitha to do Timmy in. Tabitha doesn't want to do that. Suddenly everything is shaking...Julian and Timmy are bouncing around on the earth that is suddenly shaking...Zombie loves that. Tabitha worries of her precious Timmy.

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