Passions Update Monday 7/1/02


Passions Update Monday 7/1/02

By Glynis

Sheridan is concerned that it seems that people mess with other people's car's to win these races. Randy explains to Sheridan and Brian that no one has been messing with the car.  Brian has been looking at the car and seems to think that something is wrong with it.  Randy looks but says that he sees nothing.  Brian and Sheridan are convinced that everything is fine and they forget all about it.

Luis talks with Beth at her house. He is afraid of missing chances that he should have taken.  He is very close to Beth. He confides in her and she advises him that all he has to do is ask for the thinks that he wants and it will be his.  Her mother has been listening to them talk and isn't pleased at the two of them caring for each other. She tries at every move to interrupt them so that Luis will not tell her what it is that he wants. She calls for Luis to come to her and he leaves Beth for a moment.  Beth is upset that her mother is interfering again.  "What do you want now? Why are you always interrupting?"

Ethan comes to see Theresa. He tells her that she is going to be executed the following day and she faints at the news.  He tries to give her hope but there isn't much hope for her.  He also gives her a picture of her son.  She treasures that.  She shows him the family album that Luis brought her. She says that she is going to start a whole new section.  Ethan is baffled at her stance at this terrible time in her short life.  The guard comes to tell him that visiting time is over.  Ethan tries to fight and stay but Theresa says that he should go. They share a kiss and she tells him that she will see him in the morning...Once they are out of earshot, the guard thinks that Theresa is crazy.  She knows that she is going to be executed. Why is she acting like she isn't?  The guard has been hearing talk that the girl is going to be executed in the morning and nothing is going to stop that.

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