Passions Update Friday 6/28/02


Passions Update Friday 6/28/02

By Glynis

Beth takes Luis home and wants to make him coffee, but he wants to go and see Theresa and talk to her one more time.

Ethan is trying to save Theresa. He talks to the governor and tries to get him to see his way.  The governor remembers talking to Alistair and being threatened to make Theresa go to the death chamber.  The governor signed the death warrant and now he can’t help Ethan out with his request.

Theresa gets a visit from the priest from her neighborhood.  Theresa is sure that the Cranes are not going to allow her to be killed. She is sure that things are going to change.  Ethan loves her and she knows that he will not let her die.  She is sure of that.  The priest prays for Ethan to find a way to get Theresa from the jail.  Luis shows up to see his sister.  The priest has to go but he will be back the following day.  He is led out and on the way he tells Luis to talk sense to his sister before it is too late.  Luis is allowed in because he is family of Theresa’s. She hugs her brother and asks about her case. There is nothing new to tell her.  He brought something for her though. He has a bag with him and he takes out the album.  It is all about their family. She leafs through it.  …Little Miguel…little Theresa…playing under the Piñata.  That was before their father disappeared.  They were so close bac! k then.  He tells her that Antonio is coming home and soon they will know the truth.  Antonio left after their papa. Theresa sees his sadness but tells him that she is not leaving any of them.  Luis tells her that she is not going to be walking out of there.  Ethan has done everything that he can to get her out but he just can’t.  She wants to be with her baby boy.  Luis tells her that all she has to do is tell him the truth.  He would like her to tell him who killed Julian. She says nothing and turns back to the album pictures. He wants her to know how serious this is.  She is sure that her love for Ethan is going to save her.  No matter what she has done, that man still loves her.  He will not let her die. Luis has to go now. He has tried to make his sister see reason but she simply refuses. She assures him that she is going to be okay.  She dreams of taking care of her baby by herself.  Ethan would come home and vi! sit with his little family.  They would tell each other that they miss each other and play with their baby.  Ethan would love the child as if he were Ethan’s own flesh and blood.  That is just a dream though and Theresa is suddenly brought back to reality.

Sheridan and Brian decide to have a nightcap together.  The maid comes to put down their bed but that is not necessary. They are given the newspaper with Theresa’s face on the front page.  They don’t read the paper right away, but have a drink instead.  Brian can’t wait for Sheridan to meet Theresa.  Sheridan puts her drink down and spills it on the newspaper ruining it.  Brian throws it in the garbage and they start getting romantic.  He pulls her to him to the bed.  They have missed the opportunity to read about Theresa and her execution.

Alistair is talking to Ethan and the governor.  Ethan is perplexed as to why he is having such difficulty getting a stay for Theresa.  Alistair doesn’t owe Ethan any explanation for why he is making Theresa go to the chair.  Ethan then refuses to accept the warrant for her execution and he rips it up in from of both the men.  Alistair tells Ethan that the execution date for Theresa has been moved up to the following day. There is nothing that anyone can do about that.  Ethan loses it and dives over the desk to grab at Alistair.  Alistair thinks that Ethan is acting like a Bennett.  Cranes just get even and not mad.  Ethan leaves the office with the governor closing the door behind him.  The governor thinks that it is going to looks suspicious that Theresa is being executed so quickly.  She has no criminal record.  Alistair doesn’t care about that.

Stan and his friend discuss the car and how it is going to explode.  After that, Sheridan is going to be swept off her feet and she is going to make one of them very wealthy. They hear voices coming and they run to hide.  It is Brian and Sheridan. They have come to look at the car again.  Brian talks of the car as if it is a woman.  He looks at the engine as she washes.

Timmy and Julian are on the run with Julian wearing his wrestling mask and Timmy wearing his Don King wig.  They find a house that is old and dark.  The door is locked but there might be a key somewhere that will open the door.  They see a house in the distance and head over there.  When they get to the house, there are clothes hanging on a line and there is a dog limping from an injury. They knock on the door and Julian turns on the charm.  It is a little boy in a dress.  Julian calls the boy madam but he corrects him.  The boy produces a gun and tells them to hurry and say what they want before he blows their heads off.

Ethan comes to see Theresa. He is very sad.  He says nothing to her. He looks so terrible.  She learns of her fate and a neighboring prisoner tells her that they are getting the spa ready for her.  Theresa finally has to face her fate and she faints from the realization of it all.

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