Passions Update Thursday 6/27/02


Passions Update Thursday 6/27/02

By Jennifer

Theresa enters her cell as the other inmate’s yell, “ Fresh meat!” The inmate next cell to her asks her when her due date is. Theresa, thinking that she met her baby’s due date told her that she already gave birth to a son. The inmate named Bertha laughs and says she met her execution date. Theresa tells her that she is not going to be executed because Ethan will save her. The inmates all laugh at her. Afterwards Theresa tells them that she will have the last laugh.

At the B&B Pilar cares for Theresa newborn baby, named Ethan Martin Crane. Ethan Winthrop is there working on Theresa’s appeal. He finds that there is no way he can save her. Luis overhears him and asks him if it is true. Ethan sadly says yes. Then a light bulb goes off in his head and he realizes that he should work on getting a pardon from the Governor. He runs out of the house, on his way to the Governors mansion. Luis and the others hope that he will get what he needs.

Rebecca and Ivy go into the library and taunt a maid. They demand that she bring them some chilled champagne. The maid tells them that Theresa made a better Mrs. Crane. Insulted, Ivy and Rebecca ask her if she is going to miss her free heath and dental insurance. The maid rolls her eyes and walks out. Ivy turns on the TV hoping that they will have some updates on Theresa’s execution, instead it turns out that the only thing on is wrestling. Unknowingly they watch Julian and Big Dog. Rebecca drools over another male wrestler.

Julian’s introduction to wrestling starts as his entry music plays. Timmy pushes him towards the ring. They climb into find that Julian is fighting a really mean looking woman named Big Dog. The audience starts throwing food at him, and they boo. It might be because Julian is wearing a suit and tie, with a cape. As the fight starts Julian shakes in his corner. Big Dog looks like she could rip him apart.

Beth tells Luis that she will help him in anyway. They go outside and look at some pictures of the family. Beth tells Luis that he did everything he could for Theresa. Luis tells her that he failed her, and that he shouldn’t have protected Theresa so much, he should have let her see the real world. He then tells Beth that he shouldn’t have broken up with her. Of course that was just what Beth wanted to hear. He says that he should have married her and had kids with her.

Ethan arrives at the Governors mansion and demands to see him. Security Guards grab him and prepare to escort him out.

Theresa dreams that Ethan gets her a pardon and takes her away. But, it was all just a dream and she wakes up to Bertha laughing at her. Bertha says that Theresa was yelling out for Ethan in her sleep.

Julian begs Big Dog to show mercy but instead she picks him up over her head and gives him the death spin move. The Ref. tells her not to do it but she knocks him out of the ring. Julian yells for his life. Big Dog throws him down and comes after him, and they start to play music from the movie The Cable Guy. Timmy tells Julian to punch her and he does and she gets really upset.

Rebecca and Ivy start to think that the masked CEO (Julian) looks familiar. At the same time they both yell Julian! Rebecca says that nobody should recognize him. Ivy turns off the TV and they both say Julian’s not alive and no one will think otherwise.

Luis starts to ask Beth to marry him but Hank interrupts. Luis and Hank go inside and try to cheer up Pilar. Outside, Beth tears up a picture of Sheridan and Luis.

At the Governors mansion Alistair shows up and demands that the Governor make Theresa’s execution date tomorrow. Scared of Alistair, The Governor signs an Order of Execution and puts tomorrows date on it. Ethan then barges in and thinks that Alistair is there to do the same thing he is.

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- Timmy find the Demons horn but the ground starts to
shake, putting him in danger.
- Theresa gets executed
- Diana’s car blows up

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