Passions Update Wednesday 6/26/02



Passions Update Wednesday 6/26/02

By Glynis

Timmy and Julian are talking about getting jobs.

Brian gets a visit from a girl that knows him and kisses him full on the lips. Liz and 'Diana' stare and watch. She knows Brian from when she was young and foolish and didn’t know that she had a great guy. It took her years to get over him. Brian doesn’t believe that. The girl has settled down and married. She has a baby and shows a picture to Liz and Sheridan. Brian hasn’t taken the step yet but he is going to soon. He presents Sheridan to her. She warns Sheridan that there are many women that would just die to be with him. Brian is sure that he is done with other women now.

Stanley and Nick test out their sabotage. When they are done with Brian’s car, there will be nothing left including the driver. Randy is the guy that is going to sabotage the car and they work on it. Soon someone comes and Randy hides the other two to greet the visitors. Liz and Sheridan are with Brian and he is showing them the car that he is going to race in. Stan and Nick watch them from their hiding place. Brian knows that his car is going to drive like a dream…Stan and his friend talk in their hiding place and Brian thinks that he has heard something. Stan hears what Brian says and pulls out his gun just in case the guy finds them there. Brian doesn’t come near them and leaves with the ladies. Stan and Nick come out of hiding and know that they have come very close to Brian catching them there. Nick is happy because Brian will be dead and he can get his hand on Sheridan. He is going to make Sheridan his wife and the Crane fortune will not be far behind.

Luis gets his hand bandaged up by Eve as Beth watches. Miguel comes to see him and Luis is not hurting from his hand as much as from his heart…Rebecca tells Ivy that she knew things would turn out like she thought. Ivy is worried that Sam and Ethan are still in danger. Rebecca only cares that Theresa is going to die. Ivy looks at her in disgust and wheels herself off…Theresa wants to name her son before she goes to prison. She will not name the baby Julian. She discusses with Ethan that she names the baby Martin after her father. Ethan thinks that is a fine name. Theresa asks him if she could name the baby after the man that brought him into this world. She starts crying…The police come to take Theresa away to prison. He has his chains and cuffs but Ethan manages to stall for a moment so that Theresa can have a little more time. Pilar comes with Luis and Miguel to see the baby and welcome him to the family. The family is together for what they think is the last time. Luis tells her that she has to face reality. Chad and Whitney come too. Theresa wishes that she could change her fate. She is sure that the Cranes and Ethan are not going to let her die. She thinks that her case is going to be thrown out. Pilar can’t keep a good face for her daughter. Theresa is acting delusional. Chad thinks that maybe they should find a way to keep Theresa in the hospital…Rebecca hopes that the judge doesn’t change his mind about Theresa…Ethan returns to Theresa telling her that he called the judge about letting Theresa spend another night in the hospital, but the judge turned him down. Theresa holds her baby for what seems to be the last time. She tells the baby that she has to go to prison but she is going to get out. She loves her baby and she promises to take care of the baby when she gets out. Everyone is watching her and finally the officer comes to take her out. Theresa gives the baby to her mother. Her family loves her and she knows it. The chains are put on Theresa and she is soon ready to walk the Green Mile. She tries to keep her dignity as they cuff her. They start walking her out and Pilar breaks down. Theresa tells her to be brave until she gets home. The officer takes her away. The officer warns them that no one leaves the hospital until they are on the road. There is no hope for an appeal and there isn’t enough time. Ethan told her that everything is going to be okay and that was only because he didn’t know what else to say…Theresa is on her way to death row.

Outside the hospital there is a black van with bars on the windows. Theresa is ushered into that van and the doors are locked behind her.

Timmy gets an idea that Julian can earn some money wrestling. Julian refuses to fight in the ring. He tries to leave but a man tells him that he is going nowhere but in the ring. Apparently, Julian’s manager, Timmy has signed Julian over to fight and he is obligated now to do it. Julian looks over the contract and there is little that can be done for Julian to get out of it. Julian used to wrestle for Harvard but he couldn’t possibly beat the guys that they are going to put him up against. One of the wrestlers comes in and Timmy and Julian look in fear at him. The prize money that can be won is $200. Julian thinks that he should be getting more than that but he has no other ideas.

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