Passions Update Tuesday 6/25/02



Passions Update Tuesday 6/25/02

By Jennifer

At the Cafe, Brian gets a phone call from Randy, a racing manager. Randy tells Brian that he has a car for him and to meet him in the states tonight. Liz offers to fly Brian and Diana there. Brian excepts. Diana becomes worried about how safe racing is. She doubts that Brian can survive another crash, considering what happened the last time. Brian assures her that everything will work out.

It turns out that Nick arranged everything for Brian. He told is friend that an old client owed him a favor, and this was it. Nicks friend asks him what he is planning to do to Brian. Nick tells him that he is going to mess with the car, Brian will die and he will have Sheridan for himself. He congratulates himself on his accomplishments.

As the baby flat lines, Theresa realizes how much she loves him. She tells Ethan, Pilar, and Luis that before she gave birth, she blamed the baby for losing Ethan. She didnít love the baby because he was Julianís. But now she realizes the baby is a part of her to. Eve calls a code blue.

Whitney and Chad start talking in the hallway of the hospital. Whitney tells Chad that she is really scared for Theresa and her baby. He asks her how Theresa is doing. Whitney tells him that Theresa is OK but the babyís life is in danger.

Rebecca begins to talk to herself and says that it is worthless to try to save Theresa because they are just going to kill her anyway. Beth overhears what Rebecca said and confronts her. She asks her how she could be so heartless. Rebecca says that itís true about Theresa. Beth rolls her eyes and walks away.

Eve closes the curtain so Theresa and the others canít see the baby. Theresa becomes very upset and starts to cry. The nurse tells everyone in the room that they have to wait outside. Theresa asks if Ethan can stay, the nurse agrees. The Guard says that he has to stay. Eve struggles to keep the baby alive. She gets a heartbeat but it is very weak. Another doctor says that if the heartbeat doesnít improve soon they will lose the baby. Pilar and Luis go to the chapel to pray.

Grace shows up and Sam fills her in on what is happening. She tells him that David drove her there because her car was acting up.

Brian, Diana, and Liz show up at the garage. Randy comes out, and welcomes Brian and the girls. Brian asks him how he heard that he wanted back in the business. Randy tells him that word travels fast. Nick lurks around outside. Diana asks Randy how safe the cars are. Randy tells he that they just got more safety equipment put in. Brian signs some papers, confirming his contract. Randy goes to file the paper work. Diana, Liz and Brian go out to get some dinner. Whitney goes to Theresa and asks about the baby. Theresa tells her that he is not doing well.

Ethan runs into Chad. Chad asks him about Theresa. He tells him that she is fine. Chad asks him if he still loves Theresa. Ethan admits that he does love her but it doesnít matter because they are going to execute her soon., and that he canít save her. He tells Chad that the babyís birth change him some how. He told him that he connected with the baby. He goes to Theresa.

Eve opens up the curtain and Theresa asks about her baby. Eve doesnít say anything for a moment, and Theresa thinks the baby died. Eve then tells her that the baby is stabilized. Theresa asks to hold her baby. Eve hands her the little boy. Whitney goes outside and thanks Gwen for helping Theresa. Gwen tells her that she loves Ethan and is not worried about Theresa coming between them anymore because she is going to be executed. She tells Whitney that she doesnít mean to be rude in what she says.

Pilar, Luis and Beth arrive at the chapel. Pilar goes in and Luis says that he will be right in. A distressed Luis tells Beth that losing Sheridan was hard enough, but he canít lose Theresa and her baby. Looking aggravated, Beth tells him not to lose faith. Luis tells her that he canít lose another person he loves, and walks away. Beth begins to scheme to get Luis back forever. Rebecca hears everything that she says and walks up to her. She asks Beth what she would do if Sheridan was alive and came back to Luis. She asks her if she would do everything she could to keep Luis. Beth says she doesnít know what she is talking about. Rebecca tells are that she doesnít buy her act. Beth calls Rebecca insane and Luis walks out. They say that they were just having a little girl talk.

Ivy thanks Sam for helping Ethan. Sam says he would do anything for his son. They hug as Grace and David watches. Grace and David walk up to them and Ivy apologizes for hugging Sam, Grace says itís all right. Ivy wheels away with David and continues to scheme to get Sam. David asks how she could be so heartless.

Sam goes to get Luis and Pilar. He tells them that there is word on the baby. Eve tells everyone that the baby and Theresa are fine. The guard prepares to take Theresa to jail.

At the restaurant, an old friend of Brian shows up. They talk about the crash and how Brian almost died. Diana tells him that he is not racing. Nick gives Randy a lot of money. Randy tells Nick that he doesnít want to know what he is planning to do to Brian. They agree that they shouldnít be seen together. Nick walks up to his friend and tells him that he is going to have Diana.

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