Passions Update Monday 6/24/02



Passions Update Monday 6/24/02

By Glynis

Stan discusses Sheridan and Brian not knowing that Sheridan is a Crane. Stan is going to set things up so that Brian will not be able to finish the race. He is going to doctor the car.

Theresa is in the hospital upset that her baby might be sick. She is with Luis, Ethan and Pilar. They hear a monitor go off. Eve has called a Code Blue. Theresa knows that her baby may be in danger and she continues to cry about it. The baby’s heartbeat is irregular. Chad and Whitney show up to learn that something is terribly wrong with the child. They see the staff pulling equipment over to take care of the boy. Theresa wants to be with her baby but the curtain is pulled and she is comforted by her mother, brother and Ethan. The staff asks that everyone leave. The guard is staying no matter what. Theresa insists on staying too. The nurse says that she can stay but everyone else has to go during this emergency. Everyone leaves her…Pilar explains to the others that the baby’s heart stopped and they don’t know if he is going to be okay. They hear the staff working on the baby. They can’t get a heartbeat on the child. Pilar prays silently as they continue CPR on the child…Gwen can’t believe that this is happening. Rebecca thinks only that Theresa shouldn’t have survived. Why save her if she is only going to be executed anyway? Beth hears her and thinks that she is a monster. She goes to Luis who is trying to hold himself together. Grace arrives to learn that Theresa has had her baby. Theresa and the baby are in bad shape. The baby was born a boy…Ethan comforts Theresa and Whitney comes to be with her friend. Whitney tells her friend that she will take care of her. As soon as Theresa saw her son, she knew that he had to live. He can’t die…The baby stops breathing again. Eve is upset that Dr. Andrews is taking so long…Ethan tells Chad that he felt something special when he held that baby in his arms. It was a connection between the both of them. He feels that the boy is a part of his life…Theresa tells Whitney that she loves her son. It doesn’t matter that he is Julian’s son. When she held him in her arms, Ethan was at her side. All she could see and think about was her baby. Everyone is praying for the child and Eve will do her best to save the child…Eve still tries to save the boy and suddenly there is a heart beat. It isn’t very strong but someone still has to tell Theresa the news…Sam and Ivy hug and suddenly Grace is there. Ivy says that she was feeling a little wimpy. David is there too. Grace understands what Ivy is feeling. That is there grandson in there and they feel bad for him. She couldn’t’ care about Ivy right now because right now she and Sam are having a great life. They start kissing and Ivy and David watch…Gwen doesn’t know what Theresa is going through but if Ethan can make her feel better then that is good. She is getting back with Ethan and Gwen has to be realistic, as Theresa is not going to be around. That is a fact. Theresa is going to be dead soon…Ethan is with Theresa and she is grateful that he is there for her. He wishes that there were more that he could do for her. Eve comes to see Theresa and she says nothing at all. Theresa tries to read her eyes and suddenly starts crying. She feels that she knows the news…Sam gets everyone to return to the ER for word on the baby…David tells Ivy that now she is going to see what a special person Theresa is. David names all the shortcomings that Ivy has. She even had him lie about his own son. Ivy thinks that this horrible thing has shown how close she is to Sam. She is very evil. She is destroying everyone in the process of her evil. Whitney tells Chad the news about Theresa and how she loves her child. She has been given this wonderful child and now it may be taken away. Even if the child is alive and stays that way, its mother will be executed. They are going to be separated anyway…Theresa learns the child will be fine. They bring the child to Theresa who is thrilled that her son will live. She holds the child and Ethan puts his arms around them both. Eve watches as they look into the baby’s eyes. Eve tells everyone that the baby is fine. This baby is her little miracle. Chad and Whitney see Ethan and Theresa sharing a moment and they leave them be…The police announce that they have to take Theresa back into custody. They have strict orders. The officer opens his bag and gets his cuffs and chains out to lock her down. In the other room, Theresa has no idea what is about to hit her.

Brian talks about the race that he is going to enter. Liz and Sheridan are worried that he will be risking his life for this race. He tells the girls to stop worrying. He is doing this so that he and 'Diana' can go on with their lives.

Stan and his man go and pay off a man to fix Brian’s car so that they will win the race. He is going to rig the car so that it blows up. Brian will not be walking away from this one. He is a dead man.

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