Passions Update Friday 6/21/02


Passions Update Friday 6/21/02

Two updates today!  One by Glynis and one by Justin.

By Justin

Today: Theresa welcomes her newborn child into the world as Eve, Luis, and Sam arrive in a helicopter and prepare to leave for the hospital. State troopers corner Theresa, her baby, Ethan, Sam, Luis, Gwen, and Eve. T.C.. and Hank are arrested. Timmy finds the wizard as Julian has some three-way munchkin sex. Zombie Charity follows Miguel&Kay to Charity's cave as Tabitha watches the action in Munchkin Land.

At the ORH (Over the Rainbow Hotel)
Timmy and Julian are cornered by Tin Man. He starts his chain saw and prepares to kill them, but the outsmart the dumb Tin. Julian tells Tin Man that he can make him a movie star. LOL as he says bigger than R2D2 and C3PO combined. Tin Man says that he likes movies especially the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Julian asks the Tin Man to let him go, so Julian runs off, leaving Timmy behind as Toto barks at the Tin Man. Timmy goes around him as Toto goes through his legs. Back in Harmony, Tabitha says that she hates Julian even more now. Back at the ORH, the Tin Man prepares to kill Timmy when we hear something destroying the tin on the Tin Man. We see Julian with a can opener as three ugly, but sexy to Julian munchkins walk in and congratulate the hero. They tempt him into going into a private room with them, leaving Timmy and Toto to find the wizard on their own. Timmy walks into a room as we hear a voice ask who woke him up. Timmy says that he did and he is looking for the demon's horn. The wizard says no dem (sorry it got cut off here)

At Tabitha's house
Tabitha begs Zombie Charity not to kill her Timmy as she watches the mass murdering Tin Man prepare to do away Timmy, Julian, and Toto. There is a knock at the door and Zombie Charity tells Tabby to get it. Tabitha says no as she watches Tin Man chase Julian and Timmy. Zombie looks out the window and says that it's Kay and Miguel. She disappears downstairs. Zombie Charity opens the door as Kay and Miguel come in. Miguel asks about the graveyard and she says that he fell asleep. Miguel says that he's going to the hospital, but Kay convinces him to go for a walk and Zombie Charity follows them, hoping to sleep with Miguel. Tabitha says that she hates Julian as he runs off. She sees him return and kill the Tin Man and doesn't know if he likes martimmies a lot or if he changed. She watches Timmy find the wizard and eavesdrops on them talking. Tabitha hopes that Zombie Charity doesn't find out that the Tin Man failed.

At the frozen Charity cave
Miguel, Kay, and Zombie Charity arrive as he wonders what happened at the graveyard. Zombie Charity looks down and sees a little river of water and tells Miguel to get her some blankets. Kay says that she doesn't like this cave. Zombie says that Charity is melting. Inside, we see the frozen Charity melting. Miguel returns as Zombie Charity turns on the drums and Miguel falls into a trance. Fortunately, the trance is broken and Kay wins once again.

At the hospital
Beth comforts Pilar as Luis and Sam try to get past the guards. The guards hold them back as Hank arrives and asks what's going on. Rebecca can't believe that Ivy told Sam where Theresa was. Eve talks with T.C.. as they hear commotion. The one guard calls his buddy as Luis punches out the other one. Hank detains him as Sam and Luis leave. Pilar arrives and finds out that Ivy knew Theresa's location and says that if Theresa dies, it will be her fault. Eve leaves with Sam and Luis as T.C.. trips the cop and him and Hank detain them. Ivy and Rebecca continue talking. Hank and T.C.. are hauled off to prison.

At the Crane Cabin
Ethan and Gwen tell Theresa to push as she does. She is sweating as Gwen looks and can see the head. Theresa continues pushing, until Gwen says one more push and Theresa pushes. The baby comes out and it is a boy. Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen hold the baby. Theresa passes out as Ethan and Gwen try to wake her up.

On the helicopter
Luis, Sam, and Eve approach the cabin as they prepare to land.

Back at the cabin
Ethan tries to wake Theresa up as Gwen holds the boy. Luis, Sam, and Eve barge in and try to wake her up. Finally, she wakes up and Gwen says that the baby stopped breathing. He breathes again and they leave to get them to a hospital as we hear sirens. Two cops emerge and tell the fugitives that they are not going anywhere as Theresa moves forward. The one cop tells them that if they move another step, he'll shoot.

By Glynis

Theresa is having her baby and Ethan and Gwen are with her. She is going to have the baby right away. They try to get her to breathe properly. Ethan thanks Gwen for helping him with the delivery of the baby. Gwen doesn’t really care for Theresa but she has to help with the baby. Ethan kisses Gwen’s cheek in private to thank her for her help with the baby. They get back to the delivery. Theresa is pushing and pushing. They coach her and coach her to push the baby out and Ethan and Gwen look back and forth at each other. One more push and the baby will be here. Then there is a little cry. It is a boy. Gwen holds the baby up for all to see. Theresa smiles at the little bundle. She is exhausted. She passes out from exhaustion they think. They shake her but can’t get her to wake up. Gwen can’t wake her up no matter what they try.

Julian realizes that Timmy has taken off on him. He searches high and low for the little man.

Timmy is trying to get home and he looks into a crystal ball seeing Tabitha worrying about him. There is a way for him to try and get home but it may cost him his life.

At the hospital Pilar arrives to find that TC is under arrest. Pilar learns that Rebecca and Ivy knew about Theresa and kept the secret. Pilar threatens them with their very lives. Hank and TC are carted off to jail and Pilar is worried about her daughter once again…Ivy tells Rebecca that she will be responsible if anything happens to Theresa.

Eve shows up and looks at Theresa’s little baby boy. Luis and Sam are there are well and everything seems okay but the boy may have some trouble with his breathing. They have to get the boy to intensive care right away. Everyone gets ready to leave and go to the hospital. They exit the front door when policemen approach with their guns drawn. They have information that there is an escape felon in the house and they have to take her into custody. Sam tries to explain that there is an infant that is ill and they have to get him to the hospital.

'Charity' and Kay talk. They know that the real Charity’s ice block is melting which could mean her freedom. Kay thinks that Charity is the one that can fight the zombie. 'Charity' is going to have her way with Miguel and there is nothing that anyone can do about that once she has done it.

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