Passions Update Thursday 6/20/02


Passions Update Thursday 6/20/02

By Jennifer

On the beach, Brian and Diana walk along the shore. Brian picks up and rock and skips it over the water, which strikes another memory for Diana. She remembers when her and Luis were on the beach and he skipped and rock and kissed her. She doesn't tell Brian what this memory was about. She agrees with Brian about Nick. She now thinks that he was lieing. Brian brings up the whole racing cars thing and Diana tells him that she doesn't want him to do it. Brian tells her that her leaving with Nick would have been more dangerous. He explains to her that Liz was exaggerating, and that he really loved racing.

Nick finds a match to Dianas picture. He then starts to look for a name.

In the attic, Zombie send the Tin Man to kill Timmy. Tabitha starts to whine. Timmy tells Julian that he saved the day, and the munchkins start cheering for him. Then the Tin Man shows up with a chain saw and chases Timmy and Julian. Julian tells Timmy to stick with the little people, Julian says that Timmy will blend in, but he will stick out. Zombie laughs at Julian and Timmy as she awaits their deaths.

Rebecca makes Ivy promise not to tell Sam where Theresa and Ethan are, but she doesn't give and answer. A guard walks up behind her and tells his partner that if Theresa did escape, she couldn't have done it alone.

Pilar looks very worried, so Luis walks over to her and says that everything will be OK. Eve anxiously waits as the FBI traces the signal. She then tells TC about how Theresa could get crazy.

An angry Theresa tells Ethan that she is mad because he never loved her, he loved Gwen. She says she is going to make them pay, she is going to kill them. Gwen begs Ethan to protect her, he says he will. Ethan tries to calm Theresa down, but it doesn't work it just makes her worse. Theresa chases them around the couch, Ethan grabs a glass of water and pours it on Theresa, she comes out of her trance. She asks what happened. Gwen tells her that she stabbed her and Ethan. Theresa sees the scissors in her hand, she drops them and screams.

A guard walks up the Luis and asks him where Theresa is. He tells him that he has another guard on his way down to the lab, to see is she is really there. The guard leaves and calls his partner, he is tells him that the elevator is stuck and it will be a bit longer. Luis tells Sam that there is not much time, the guards are getting antzy.

Brian and Diana hug and it bring another memory of Luis and her kissing. Brian tells Diana that he will only race long enough to get the money then he will stop. Diana makes him promise that he will stop, he does.

The search for Dianas name is done, Nick knows that she is Sheridan Crane. He says that he is going to marry her.

Theresa has a contraction, Gwen helps her to the couch. Gwen says that she is about to have her baby. That makes Theresa remember her dream about giving birth to a demon. In the kitchen Ethan grabs is phone and talks to Eve. She tells him about Theresas condition, but when he tries to tell her where they are the battery dies and the connection is lost.

Ivy wheels up to Sam and tells him that Ethan and Theresa are at the crane cabin. Sam and Luis get ready to go get them but the guards stop them. They know that Theresa escaped and that Ethan helped her.

The Tin Man traps Timmy and Julian and prepares to kill them, Zombie can't wait.

Ethan goes to Theresa and says " Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out." Then Theresa sits up and sings the theme song to passions. Ethan and Gwen join in, and they make the big finish together. Theresa wakes up and says " I'm losing my mind." She then screams out in pain, as her water breaks.

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