Passions Update Wednesday 6/19/02



Passions Update Wednesday 6/19/02

By Ginny

Tabitha begins to weep for Timmy as Zombie Charity cheers on her scarecrow.

Diana fears that Nick knows her true identity. Brian reasurres her that Nick was only trying to get her to come with him. Nick is angry that Brian took Diana away from him. He suddenly realizes that he remembered seeing Diana in Paris. 

Rebecca refuses to tell Ivy where Gwen said Ethan and Teresa are. Ivy keeps on pressing her so Rebecca finally tells her that Ethan and Teresa are at the Crane Cabin.

Eve's cell phone rings and it's Ethan. She askes what Teresa's condition is but they lose conection because of the weather. The guards come over suspiciously and begin questioning Eve about Teresa. Hank comes over and Beth pulls him aside to tell him about the phone call from Ethan. She tells him about Teresa's preclampsia.

Gwen prepares to deliver Teresa's baby while she rants about how selfless and naive Teresa has been. Teresa comes behind Gwen and stabbs her in the back with a pair of scissors. Gwen bends over in pain.

Timmy yells for Julian to save him from the scarecrow. Munchkins gather around the Scarecrow and he scares them off. The Scarecrow throws his pitchfork at Timmy and it gets caught on his shirt.

Diana doctors Brian's scratches from the fight and Brian explains to Diana about Nick's evil ways of manipulating people. Diana stil thinks Nick might know her true identity. Nick tells his sidekick that he is sure Diana's real name starts with and S. "Susan, Sam, Sonya?" he asks himself out loud. He begins to search the internet for someone who matches Diana's picture.

Ethan tries to call Eve again but fails. Ivy and Rebecca lurk around the action. The guards are still suspicious but Eve covers up for everyone's actions. The guards are still very inquisitive. Hank and Beth continue to talk about Teresa.

Gwen cries out as Teresa stabbs her again. Gwen tries to call out for Ethan but can't because the pain is too strong.

Tabitha is sad because she thinks Timmy is going to die. Zombie Charity is pleased about the Scarecrow. Julian is torn between saving Timmy and risking his life and saving himself. Timmy runs away but Scarecrow is close behind. Julian still won't help.

Sam, TC, and Pilar stand up for Eve. Rebecca and Ivy talk amongst themselfs and Ivy is scared that Ethan's life could be ruined because of Teresa. The guards threten everyone saying that if they help a felon they could go to jail. Ethan and Eve get in touch. Eve says Teresa and the baby could die because of her preclampsia. She also tells him that because of this, she could go sycotic and attack someone if she feels thretened.

Teresa goes after Gwen with the scissors and Gwen begs for mercy. Teresa says that Gwen will pay with her life for what she's done.

Timmy keeps running and Julian sets Scarecrow on fire with his cigar. Tabby is happy; Zombie is mad.

Brian continues to tell Diana that Nick doesn't know anything about her past. Diana is thankful for him "keeping her grounded". They decide to go on a walk. Diana wonders about Nick. Nick searches online to find out about Diana. 

Sam and Luis worry about Teresa and Ethan. Eve talks to Ethan about Teresa's illness. Ethan drops the phone when he hears Gwen's cry of pain. Ethan comes in the room to find Gwen all bloody on the floor. 

Tabitha and Zombie look on as Scarecrow burns up. Timmy thanks Julian. Tabitha is thankful for Julian's rescue and is surprised that he was saved by a Crane. Julian and Timmy look for a way to escape.

Eve stays on line as she waits for Ethan. Sam says he knows someone from the FBI who can trace Teresa and Ethan through the phone lines. Sam calls him.

Ethan rushes over to help Gwen.

Timmy and Julian run from Scarecrow who is now in flames. They go through a door and find a bunch of munchkins. Scarecrow rushes in after them and burns up into ashes on the floor. Evil Charity picks up some of Fluffy's food and says that it will help destroy Timmy. The head decides he doesn't want to watch anymore and goes back in his box.

Brian and Diana walk on the beach and begin arguing about Brian racing cars.

Sam talks to the guy from the FBI. Eve waits for Ethan on the phone.

Gwen tells Ethan about Teresa stabbing her. Teresa gets mad at Ethan and says he betrayed her. She says he lied to her when he said he loved her and lead her on.

Julian and Timmy skip around the Scarecrow ashes celebrating. Charity puts a spell on the cat food and a Tin man pops up.

Diana tells Brian she won't let him race cars. Brian keeps on insisting that he has to to pay off her debts. Nick finds a match to the photograph he has of Diana.

Pilar fears Teresa might be going into labor. Ivy is worried about her son. Rebecca reasures her.

In a rage, Teresa begins to throw things around as she talks about how Ethan lied to her. Ethan tries to explain that she is unbalanced. Teresa comes after them both with the scissors say she's going to kill them both!

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