Passions Update Tuesday 6/18/02



Passions Update Tuesday 6/18/02

By Jennifer

Nick points a gun at Brian and says he wants his money or Diana. Then he changes his mind and says that he is just going to shoot all of them, Liz, Brian, and Diana. Brian then tells him to calm down, he says they can work something out.

Timmy says to Julian " These shoes are really starting to hurt." Julian recommends therapy for Timmy. Timmy says that it is time to start skipping again, Julian complains about the skipping. Timmy tells him that they have to skip because that is what the munchkin told him to do. A lot of munchkins show and tease Timmy. They tell him that he should ask for breasts from the wizard. They leave, and Timmy asks Julian what they met by getting breasts. Julian tells him that when he gets older he will learn to adore breast more. Timmy giggles.

In Tabithas attic Charity talks about what Kay did. She calls her a Bimboe. Tabitha looks at the scroll and wonders where Timmy is. Charity overhears Tabitha talking to herself and demands to know where Timmy is. She grabs the scroll and laughs at Timmy and Julian. She says that she is surprised that Timmy has turned into a cross dresser, but isn't surprised in Julian considering his erotic fantasies about Rebecca. She looks at Timmys hand and wonders what he is holding. She realizes that it is a page from the spell book. She says that he must be destroyed.

At the Crane cabin, Gwen tells Theresa to breathe fast. Theresa screams that the baby's is coming. Gwen says that they have to get her to hospital or else so will die. Ethan goes outside to see if there is anyway out, but says that a tree limb fell down in the road, they are stuck there. He goes into the kitchen to call Dr. Russell. Theresa accuses Gwen of lieing about her condition. Gwen swears that she is not lieing and warns Theresa to give up and go to a hospital. Even with Gwen warning her, Theresa continues to think that she will be fine. Gwen yells at Theresa and says that she is insane. Ethan get in contact with Eve but has a bad connection and hangs up. He goes back into the living room and Theresa says that she will be fine and her and Ethan will have a wonderful life together. Gwen calls her crazy.

In the hospital, Sam, Luis, Beth, Hank, Pilar, and Eve all talk about Theresas condition. Luis and Sam agree that there is not much time left for them. The new guards arrive. Sam says that he has guards at airports looking for Ethan and Theresa, but they haven't found them yet. Pilar asks Eve what will happen if Theresa doesn't get to a hospital in time. Eve tells her that it will get critical.

Ivy starts to wonder where Theresa and Ethan are. She asks Rebecca if she has heard from them. Rebecca remembers her conversation with Gwen. She gets a nervous look on her face and says no. Ivy doesn't believe her and once again asks where they are. Rebecca says that she does know but can't tell. Ivy get frustrated and demands to know the truth. Rebecca gives in and tell her that they are at the cabin. She also tells Ivy not to say word because if Eve found out then she would help Theresa and she would live. Ivy agrees that it is for the best.

Brian grabs Nick and knocks the gun out of his hands. They then start to fight. Brian wins and tells Nick to leave. He says that he will pay him the money. Nick leaves and They go back the hotel. Diana notices a cut on Brains eyebrow. She goes to get some stuff to clean it up and asks Liz if she really told Brian that she was just pretending to act mean. Liz tells her that she did tell Brian. Diana thanks her and goes to Brian. She starts to clean up his cut, and asks Brian if he thought that Nick really knew who she was. Brian says that Nick was just saying that to get her to go with him.

A munchkin pulls Julians tail and he then says " It's a good thing we're not in Harmony anymore, cause if people saw me like this I'd never hear the end of it." Timmy agrees.

Zombie says that she has to stop them from seeing the wizard. She says a spell and a scarecrow appears. Tabitha begs her not to hurt Timmy. But, Charity sends the scarecrow after Timmy anyway.

Timmy and Julian start skipping down the hallway again, and the scarecrow pops up and starts to attack Timmy. Julian tries to get away but Toto bites his ankle and pulls him back to Timmy.

T.C and Sam run into each other, T.C tries to tell Sam that Ethan could get away with it. Sam says that there is noway.

Gwen asks Theresa why see would risk her baby's life by not going to the hospital. She then figures out that Theresa hates her baby, she says " You hate that baby because its Julians and not Ethans." Theresa get mad and stares at some scissors.

At the Hospital, Beth brings Eve some coffee. Eve tells her that Theresas condition will cause her to have phycotic episodes. Beth get worried and asks her if she could kill somebody. Eves says that if they threaten her in anyway, she could.

Gwen continues to yell at Theresa, Ethan leaves the room. Gwen turns around and rips some towel for the baby. Theresa grabs the scissors and stabs Gwen.

- Julian wrestles
- Timmy plays Don King
- Theresa has her baby
- Theresa get executed
- Diana races cars
- Diana's car explodes

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