Passions Update Friday 6/14/02


Passions Update Friday 6/14/02

By Justin

Outside the diner, Timmy, Julian, and Toto walk into an unknown place and find a yellow brick road. They walk across it and find little munchkins and they sing as they approach a billboard that says Rainbow Hotel. It has a wizard on it and they go inside the hotel. Timmy and Julian are shocked to see little people appear. Julian says "Booze!" as Timmy tells Toto that they aren't in Harmony any more.

At Tabitha's house, the head and Tabitha wonder who could be a threat to Timmy. The scroll appears and shows Timmy, Julian, and Toto. Tabitha realizes that Julian is the threat as we see them walk across the yellow brick road. Tabby wishes that she could hear them and then, we hear their voices. Later, Tabitha is relieved that there is no danger down the yellow brick road, but the head tells her otherwise.

In the graveyard, Kay arrives as Zombie Charity tells her demon friends to hold Miguel down and she kisses him. Kay brings holy water and threatens to splash her with it. She sicks the demons on Kay and they hold onto her as ZC makes love to him. Kay tries to wake him up, but to no avail.

In Nick's hotel, Sheridan cries as she didn't want to hurt Brian. Nick says that she saved his life.

At the diner, Brian and Liz talk about "Diana's" sudden change of additude. Liz thinks that that was Diana all along. Nick and Sheridan come down and say their good-byes. After they leave, Brian is heart broken. Sheridan is heartbroken too.

At the Crane Cabin, Theresa refuses to believe Gwen and she and Ethan take off. Gwen rushes after them, but they can't leave because of the storm. Gwen and Theresa argue. Later, the pilot calls and they prepare to leave. Gwen and Ethan share a kiss and they leave. Gwen rushes after them. As she arrives, the helicopter takes off, she watches, and it explodes, flinging her backwards. Gwen screams "The helicopter crashed!"

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