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Passions Update Tuesday 6/4/02

By Jennifer

In the kitchen, Timmy tells Julian that he should go back to Harmony and prove that he is alive. Julian explains to Timmy that if he goes back, he will really get murdered. He makes Timmy promise that he will not tell, and then he throws a towel and it catches on fire.

Theresa and Ethan arrive at the cabin. Theresa has a contraction and bends over in pain. Ethan asks her is she is OK. She lies and says that she just has a headache because she is getting hungry. Ethan and he go into the kitchen and he makes her something to eat. She takes the food and goes into the bedroom to rest. Ethan picks up the phone in the cabin, it doesn't work, so he grabs his cell phone and calls Gwen. Gwen answers and is happy to hear from Ethan. He tells Gwen that it is over between them. A stunned Gwen demands to know why. He wonders if she heard what was going on. He explains to her that he took Theresa and they escaped.

Miguel and Kay are walking to the church and they start talking about how Theresa loved the garden there. Miguel goes inside the church to pray for Theresa. Simone then walks up to Kay. Simone tells Kay that she was right, Whitney and Chad aren't together. Kay says " right" sarcasticly. Simone get annoyed and says " now whats that about?" She says how one minute Kay says they are not together and the next she says the are. Kay remembers what Zombie said, "when Simone finds out that Whitney and Chad are really together, she'll kill Whitney." Kay quickly says that she just doesn't want Simone to hurt Whitney. Simone ask Kay why she would think that she would hurt her sister. Then she realizes what Kay is talking about.

Whitney and Chad run into each other at the hospital. Whitney tells him that Ethan and Theresa have escaped. Chad says he knew that they were thinking about it but he didn't think they would actually do it. Whitney tells him about Theresas medical condition. They both start to worry about Theresa and her babys' well being. Chad goes to hug Whitney but she pulls away. Chad questions weather or not Whitney wants to be with him. She tells him that she does want to be with him but she doesn't want to hurt her sister. Chad says that Simone is a lot stronger that people give her credit for.

At Tabitha's house, Norma hunts for Tabby. Zombie pops up and Tabitha begs her to save her. Zombie sees Norma and leaves. Tabitha runs up to the attic and locks the door. Zombie shows up again. Norma pulls out her fathers skull and tells him that she won't fail him again, and starts to knock down the door. The floating head freaks out when he sees that axe.

The fire in the kitchen grows, as Timmy and Julian try to get out. Julian tries to open the door but it is locked. He then breaks down part of the wall and climbs out. He helps Timmy out but Toto starts to bark and Timmy goes back in to get him. Julian yells that the place is going to blow up any second.

Gwen freaks out on Ethan and says that she is not letting him break up with her. He says that he can't go back to her. She tells him that if they get caught he will go to jail for a very long time. He tells Gwen that he promised Theresa that he would get her out. She asks him why he is doing this for her. He says that he feels responsible for her. He said that she didn't go down to the islands for him, she wouldn't be in this mess right now. Gwen tells him that it is not his fault. She tells him that no one has to know that he helped her. He could just leave now. He tells her that he can not hurt Theresa while she is pregnant, and hangs up. Gwen then figures out where they are. In the bedroom Theresa daydreams about her future with Ethan and her son. She has another contraction and begs the baby not to come out yet. Ethan goes into her room and sees that she is still awake, he tells her to get some rest and turns off the light.

Simone says that if Whitney takes Chad, she will make her pay. Kay tells her to calm down. Simone says that she can't calm down, she leaves and heads toward the hospital. Zombie comes up to Kay and says that Simone is going to get revenge on Whitney, she will destroy her. Then tells Kay that she will destroy Miguel. The get loud and Miguel walks out and asks them if they were fighting. Zombie says that they were just talking about Theresa. Zombie says that she wants to pray for Theresa and says that she will meet him inside. Zombie starts to walk away and says, " I am going to have a roll in the hay with Miguel tonight. If you try to stop me, I'll hurt your mother,father, sister, brothers, and your friends. You'll be all alone and have no one to blame but yourself." Kay gets scared and starts to pray for Miguel, then the angel statues around her come to life and head for Zombie.

At the hospital, Simone walks in on Chad and Whitney kissing. Chad doesn't see Simone, he goes to get some coffee. Simone walks up to Whitney and slaps her right in the face.

Tabitha runs down stairs, and into the living room. Norma walks right up to her and says " Say your prayers." Tabitha yells " I'm trying, but what I need right now is a miracle." Then the hospital workers walk in and grab Norma. Norma yells about the floating head but no one believes her. They take her away.

Gwen opens the door to the cabin and walks in. Ethan sees her and takes her into his embrace. Theresa walks out of her room and sees them hugging and has another contraction, but this one is much worse.

The restaurant blows up but Julian, Timmy and Toto made it out fine. Timmy and Julian make a deal. If Julian helps Timmy on is quest then Timmy won't tell anyone about Julian being alive. They agree and start walking down a path not knowing its the path to Oz.

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