Passions Update Friday 6/7/02


Passions Update Friday 6/7/02

By Samantha

The episode opens with Brian, Diana and Liz discussing Brian’s idea about repaying Nick. Brian shows Diana the newspaper article that caught his eye; it is for car racing. Brian used to race cars and says he will again to make the money. Liz doesn’t want Brian to race but neither she nor Brian will tell Diana why at first. Liz finally says it is because Brian almost died the last time he raced. He was in a bad car accident and was told he would never walk again. That is why he came to St. Lisa’s. It was only through Doc’s unorthodox rehab program that he regained his strength. During that time, Liz helped nurse Brian back to health and he promised her he would never race again. Liz reminds him of that promise but he replies that things have changed. Diana also urges Brian not to go through with the plan. Brian states that his mind is made up and leaves to make some calls. Liz tells Diana that it is all her fault and she wishes Brian had just let her die at sea.

            Back at the hospital, Eve discovers Theresa and Ethan are gone. She tries to stop the guards from seeing into Theresa’s room, but they get by. Eve explains Theresa’s absence by saying she sent her to get more tests. She then tells Pilar, Luis and Sam what has happened. Luis is glad Theresa escaped but Sam wants to alert the state authorities. Pilar and Luis ask Sam if he is willing to turn in his own son. Luis also tells the guards that there is no problem. Sam is furious but Luis tells him he will not let him turn in his sister and reaches toward his holster. They argue and Luis punches Sam. Sam gets up and still begins to go call a dispatch. Luis punches him again and a fist fight ensues!

            Ethan and Theresa race away from Harmony. Theresa tells Ethan to take her back and save himself but he declines. Police cars are heard following them and Ethan decides to pull over and surrender. As he does, however, the police pass them by. As they begin driving again, the car gets a flat tire. As Ethan gets out to change to the spare, Theresa calls Whitney on her cell phone. Whitney urges Theresa to return to the hospital to deliver with a doctor, but she refuses, saying many women have babies without medical aid. Meanwhile, Eve opens up the envelope with Theresa’s test results. Upon opening them she says her fears are confirmed; if Theresa doesn’t deliver in a hospital equipped to handle high-risk pregnancies, both she and her baby could die!

            Peggy continues drinking Martimmys. Soon she is drunk and passes out. When Timmy finally gets her mask removed, he discovers that Peggy is not Norma, as he thought. It is really Julian in disguise!

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