Passions Update Thursday 6/6/02


Passions Update Thursday 6/5/02

By Jennifer

At work, Timmy reminds himself that he has to figure out if Peggy is really Norma. Flow comes up to him and offers to make him something to eat, Timmy declines. He hears Peggy yelling " Who wants chop suet," he then remembers how Norma said that very same thing when she was trying to kill him and Tabitha. He asks Flow if she ever looked at Peggys nose. She says that she has never really paid any attention to it. Timmy then says that he doesn't think that Peggy's face is real. Flow asks Timmy who he thinks Peggy really is. He then goes into the story of Norma. He tells her about how Norma tried to kill him and Tabby. Flow asks Timmy how he met Norma.

At the hospital, Pilar tries to talk some sense into Theresa. Since Theresa like to live in a fantasy world, Pilar tells her just what will happen if she continues to lie, she'll die. Even with Pilar warning her, Theresa still thinks that everything will be OK. She continues to say that she killed Julian Crane. Pilar demands that Theresa tell her who really killed Julian. Theresa stands strong and sticks to her story.

Eve warns Ethan that there is not much time because Theresa could have her baby at any time. A nurse gives Eve the test results on Theresa. Ethan walks up to Theresa's room and overhears her say that Ethan with get her out of this. Ethan begins to doubt himself, and tries to figure out away to get Theresa in the clear. A thought comes into his head and he then plans to escape with Theresa before she goes to jail.

Nick tells Brian and Diana that if they don't pay his partners soon, they will pay with their lives. Brian tells Nick that is partners won't get any money because they scammed Diana. Diana apologizes to Brian for losing all that money. Diana turns to Nick and says she wants to ask him one thing, Nick then says " What's that beautiful?" Brian pushes Nick and tells him to back off. She asks him if he was telling the truth when he said that he remembered her. Nick promises her that he was. He remembered that she wore expensive gowns and lots of diamonds. Scared that her thoughts might have been true, she asks him if she was one of his girls. He said that she was to classy to be one of his girls.

Simone sees Chad and runs up to him. She wants him to finish their earlier conversation. Chad sees Ethan and tells Simone that he can't talk now something is up with Ethan. He goes to Ethan and asks him why he took doctors clothes. He then figures out that Ethan is planning to run away with Theresa. Chad tells him that he is doing the wrong thing. He warns Ethan that he will lose everything if they get caught. Ethan says that it is Theresa last chance. He make Chad promise not to say anything, not even to Whitney.

Timmy continues his story, he tells Flow that him and Tabitha went on a trip, there were no other hotels so they had to stay at Normas. Timmy went exploring and found that Normas father was really a corpse. He came back to the hotel room to find Tabitha stabbed to death in the shower, but she really was dead what he thought was blood was really shampoo. Flow points it out to Timmy that is story sounds a lot like a movie she once saw, but she wants to call the police. She asks Timmy how Norma would recognize him. Timmy tells her that he hasn't change much, except that he was a doll. Flow yells "What?" Timmy tells her that he was a doll and the angel girl granted his Christmas wish and now he is a real boy. Flow tells Timmy that he has a very good imagination, and that she doesn't believe his story anymore.

Nick asks Diana to leave with him and dump Brian. She gets really angry and says she is not interested. Nick then leaves. Diana continues to apologize to Brain. She explain that she was just trying to buy him that navigational system. Brian tells her he doesn't want any gifts, just her. They go back to the cafe and sit down with Liz. Brian says that he can get some money from old friends and sell his boat. Diana tells him that he loves that boat to much to sell it. Brian says that he loves Diana a lot more than the boat. Liz remembers what Nick said about taking Diana away. She then offers Brian money from her hotel. Diana goes to get more coffee and Liz tells Brian what Nick said.

Ethan goes to Theresa and tells her that there is no time for the appeal. Theresa ask Ethan what her options are. Ethan tells her that she can tell the truth, say that she didn't kill Julian that she was just protecting the real killer and then name the killer. Theresa continues to say that she is the killer. Ethan tells Theresa that he know that she is not the killer, but he sounds like he knows who is. Pilar asks him if he knows who really killed Julian. Before Ethan can say, Theresa said no. Ethan asks to talk to Theresa in private. Ethan then tells Theresa that he can get her out. He tells her that they could just leave before she goes to jail. He whispers the plan into her ear.

Whitney and Chad run into each other. Whitney tells Chad that he can't tell Simone whats really going on. She reminds him what happened that last time that she thought that they were together. Chad agrees to keep quiet for now.Simone walks up to Whitney and Chad. She asks Chad to tell her what he wanted to say before. He tells her that he just wanted to thank her for sticking up for him when her father was all over him. He leaves to get something. Simone asks Whitney why Chad was holding her on TV. Whitney says that he was just comforting her. Simone tells Whitney that she is glad she has a boyfriend and Whitney doesn't. Simone thinks that her confidence in Chad is what made him fall in love with her.

Timmy make some martimmys for Peggy, except he put sleeping medicine in them. Peggy walking into the kitchen and drinks them.

Brian looks at the newspaper and looks shocked. He says maybe I could to "That." he shows Liz and she says There is noway you are doing "That."

Eve asks the guard if she can go with them when they take Theresa to jail. She goes the get her and Theresa is not there.

In the car, Theresa asks Ethan if they are running away together. Ethan says yes. Theresa get scared and tells Ethan that she doesn't want him to get into any trouble. Ethan says " It's to late, we're outlaws now."

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