Passions Update Wednesday 6/5/02



Passions Update Wednesday 6/5/02

By Samantha

            The episode begins with Tabitha talking with the floating head about Timmy’s situation with Norma. Meanwhile, Timmy and Toto are in a kitchen trying to decide if Peggy is really Norma. They hide as Peggy enters and begins chopping chicken; she then drops it in the soup. Suddenly, Timmy cries out “Norma!” She turns and confirms her identity, then tells Timmy to prepare to die.

            Chad stops from telling Simone about he and Whitney when he hears Theresa cry out as she goes into labor. Zombie Charity tells Kay that Simone will kill Whitney when she discovers the truth about Whitney and Chad, and it will be Kay’s fault.  Kay rushes to find Simone. At the same time, Theresa continues labor pains and the bailiff is reluctant to let her go to the local hospital. Ethan demands Theresa be provided emergency treatment. Finally the bailiff relents on the condition that he accompanies her.  As she is wheeled away, reporters chase her with questions. Miguel expresses his concern about Theresa’s early delivery and its impact on the appeal process. As the show goes to commercial, Zombie Charity looks into the camera and says “by the end of the summer Harmony will be changed forever.”

            Back on the island, Nick shows Brian and Diana the loan papers with her signature in order to validate the gambling debt. Brian accuses Nick of setting up Diana. At the hospital, Tabitha approaches Sam, seeking help in capturing Norma and saving Timmy. Sam says without proof that Norma is after Timmy, there is nothing he can do. Meanwhile, Norma says she is going to make cream of Timmy soup and lifts her father’s skull out of the pot, asking if he had a nice bath.

            Eve meets Theresa at the hospital. While Theresa is taken into a hospital room, Ethan borrows Eve’s office in order to do research on filing the appeal. Gwen assists him and Ivy and Rebecca follow to make sure he gets no headway. They try to convince Ethan that Theresa is, in fact, guilty.  In another part of the hospital, Chad and Whitney discuss telling Simone and embrace. Just then, Simone comes around the corner and sees them hugging. She stares after them, and then looks thoughtfully at a cart with scalpels on it.

            Eve announces that Theresa’s labor was a false alarm, to everyone’s relief. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds discuss Theresa’s predicament while Ivy and Ethan discuss the possibility of Theresa’s guilt. Whitney and Eve also discuss Theresa’s predicament. Eve confides in Whitney that she worries about Simone because of her similarities to Theresa. She says if Simone ever had her heart broken, she is afraid that it would damage her psychologically. Eve asks Whitney to please watch out for Simone. Whitney then goes to stop Chad from telling Simone the truth about them. Unfortunately, Simone, after telling Kay that if it’s true she will make Whitney pay, finds Chad first and vows to find out the truth.

            Timmy and Toto are tied on platters surrounded by an array of vegetables. Suddenly, Timmy wakes up. Although he is still in the kitchen, the most recent course of events had been a dream. Back at Tabitha’s, the scroll shows Tabby Timmy’s whereabouts.

            When Ethan leaves Eve’s office to check on Theresa, Gwen expresses her suspicions Ivy and Rebecca to them. Elsewhere, Eve tells Ethan he must get the appeal filed as soon as possible because Theresa could deliver at any time. While Pilar begs Theresa to tell the truth, Ethan contemplates helping Theresa escape before she is escorted back to jail.

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