Passions Update Tuesday 6/4/02



Passions Update Tuesday 6/4/02

By Jennifer

Brian is in shed doing some work for Liz. He sits down to take a break, but his mind wanders to his conversation with Nick. He then hears footsteps, and as a person begins to enter the shed, Brian sees a knife. He runs up and grabs the person. It turns out to be Diana. Brian quickly lets her go and starts to apologize. He explains that he saw that knife and just reacted fast. Diana tells him she has the knife because she needed it to cut an apple.

Meanwhile, at the Bennett's house, Simone, Kay and Charity watch the news about Theresa on TV and see Whitney and Chad together. Zombie Charity, trying to stir up some trouble, tells Simone that maybe Whitney and Chad are a couple now. Kay tries to get Charity to shut her mouth by saying that couldn't be, then does a complete 180 and says, well, maybe it is true. Simone is stunned that both of her friends are saying that about her "boyfriend" she then looks closer and realizes that Whitney does look really close to Chad. She decides to go down to the courtroom and get some answers.

At the courtroom, Luis yells to the Judge that the sentence for Theresa was outrageous; his sister could never kill anyone. The Judge tells Luis, one more outburst like that and he would hold him in contempt. Luis quickly shuts his mouth. He then walks over to Theresa and tries to get her to tell him who really killed Julian. Theresa becomes scared as Luis questions her. Ethan talks to the Judge and tries to get him to re-think his decision. The Judge repeats Theresa fate and tells Ethan that he will put him in jail for contempt if he keeps it up. Ivy warns Ethan that the Judge is not kidding.

At Liz's place, Liz tells Doc to get Nick's stuff and bring it down to the Cafe. Nick sits at his table and whisper's ideal threats about Brian and Diana. Liz walks up to Nick and tells him that she has bad news about his room. She lie's, and tells him that the pipes burst in his room, and she has no other rooms, so he will have to leave. Nick doesn't buy anything that Liz is saying; he asks her what she is up to. Then he realizes that Liz is in love with Brian. Nick bothers her about her feelings for Brian. Liz tells him that she will never have Brian because he is in love with Diana.

Diana asks Brian who Nick is, although she figures it out within seconds. She wants to know what it was like working for Nick. Brian tells her that thought he had the good life, lots of women, money. But he realized that those women only cared about the money, so he quit and revealed what Nick was doing. He told Diana that he is glad that he got out because he wouldn't have met her if he didn't. They share a kiss, and Diana wonders what Nick has to say about who she is. Brian tells Diana to stay away from Nick, that he is a liar.

Ethan and Luis both try to get Theresa to tell the truth. Ivy tells Rebecca she had better do something fast. Rebecca uses reverse psychology and says, “Come on, Theresa, tell us who really murdered Julian, so they can face a horrible death, and not you.” Theresa envisions Ethan facing the death penalty and how she would lose him forever. She then stands by her decision and says she killed Julian. The Judge, hearing what Theresa said, orders the police to take her to her cell.

Simone confronts Whitney and asks her what she is doing there with Chad. Whitney tries to cover herself and says she is there for Theresa. Simone tells Whitney that if their parents see her and Chad together, they will kill Chad. Whitney fills Simone in about how Eve's patient drugged Whitney's drink to get back at her. Relieved, Simone tells Chad that they can finally be together. Chad stops Simone and tells her that he needs to talk to her in private.

Nick continues to taunt Liz about Brian and Diana. He then says that he could take Diana away and Liz could have Brian. Liz laughs and says that Diana would never go for Nick; she loves Brian too much. Nick grabs Liz and warns her to never laugh at him again. Liz pulls away and tells Nick to never touch her again.

Diana thinks that maybe she was one of those careless rich people that only cared about money. Brian assures her that she could never have been like that. Diana, still determined to hear what Nick has to say, tells Brian that she wants to talk to Nick. Brian says she can never go near him.

Davis assures Alistair that Theresa will die. Ethan goes up to Davis and asks him if there is anything else that he can do. Davis tells him that there is nothing left to do. Ethan then fires Davis and tells Theresa that he will take over her case.

Kay tells Zombie Charity "You are not going to hurt my friend." Zombie tells Kay that when Chad tells Simone about him and Whitney, that she might even kill her own sister.

Chad starts to tell Simone everything but gets interrupted by Theresa screaming out in pain. Theresa grabs her stomach and gasps in pain. She yells "I think I am going into labor."

As soon as Brian tells Diana that she is not to go anywhere near Nick, Nick shows up and says he is here to collect his money from the gambler. Brian says that he is not stupid enough to gamble with him. Nick says "I know, but your lady friend is-- Diana." He hands Brian the checks that Diana signed. Brian looks at them and turns around to look at a scared Diana.

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