Passions Update Friday 5/24/02


Passions Update Friday 5/24/02

By Kris

Diana sprays perfume in her candlelit room as Brian comes in. At first she is startled, but then she is happy to see him. For his birthday, she gives him a cupcake with a candle in it. He says it's the best birthday he's ever had and that he didn't need to make a wish on his birthday candle because it's come true already.

Luis and Pilar are having coffee and they talk about Teresa's chances at trial. Pilar wonders why Teresa would confess to a crime she didn't commit. Pilar talks about seeing Miguel dead, Luis and Brian/Antonio fighting, and Teresa being executed in the tea leaves. She tells Luis that Father Lonnigan was there, and felt an evil presence.

Reese and Jessica sit in the Bennett's living room. Reese has a bag of Tabitha's berries and he plans on proving her a witch with them. Jessica obviously adores Reese.

Kay discovers that the figure she thought was Zombie Charity is just her shadow in the window. Z's shadow tells her that she and Miguel are already at the hotel together.

At the hotel, Zombie and Miguel's romantic bubble bath almost turns sour when Z realizes her hand has zombie-fied! Miguel tells her he picked some nice smelling berries to put in the bath from Tabitha's backyard. (?) Z realizes the juniper nightshade berries will show her as a true zombie and she has to do something.

Luis tries to tell Pilar that the tea leaves mean nothing. Pilar says she feels like everything is out of control. She wonders if she saw the future. Luis tries to reason that Miguel is fine and with Charity, and while he was a little angry with Antonio, they have no reason to fight. Pilar doesn't think Antonio got Luis' note. They talk about how happy he seems with Diana.

Diana tells Brian she wants him to make love to her and he lifts her into bed.

Z has Miguel put a washcloth over his eyes in the tub. He likes this shy side of her, not realizing that she's becoming more of a zombie. She accidentally pokes his side with her big zombie toenail and he complains. "Oh, I guess I should have clipped them before I got into the tub," she says as she stares at her zombie feet in dismay.

Kay finds Reese and Jessica. She tells Reese she has to find Miguel. Jessica warns Kay to leave them alone on their special night.

Z is a total body zombie now! There is fire all around the tub, but Miguel still has a washcloth over his eyes. He complains about the heat. Zombie realizes she has to get out awhen Miguel accidentally touches her leg and is disgusted. "It feels like...scales," he tells her.

Luis tells Pilar not to worry about Teresa. Beth has just heard the news and comes by to ask if it's true. Luis explains and tells Beth that he believes she's innocent but there's evidence against her. Beth tries comforting Pilar and he she tells her about the tea. Luis scoffs, but Beth reminds him that Tabitha was right about Luis and Sheridan's past on the Titanic.

Brian and Diana make love!

Miguel offers Z Charity a massage for her dry skin. By this time, she's been out of the tub long enough to look human again. He takes off the washcloth in time to see her in her human form in a robe and asks for a kiss. she goes into the bedroom and says, "I need to get down to business and have hot sex with Miguel."

Brian and Diana have made love and they talk about how happy they are. Brian says she opened him up like never before. He says, "It's like we are destined to be together, in this life and before." He asks if she's happy and she replies, "More than you'll ever know."

Kay finally gets the hotel Miguel is at after calling all the ones in the phone book. She is connected to the room but Z answers. Zombie tells her it's too late. Kay gasps, "You mean he's....." Z answers "A stiff?? Not yet, but part of him will be pretty soon." LMAO!!!! Kay says she has urgent news about his sister from Pilar but Z will not budge. She tells her Miguel will be dead when Kay sees him next and to iron her best black dress for the funeral.

Diana and Brian talk about how happy they are and how everything seems meant to be. I had a hard time with this since I like Luis.

Jessica and Reese tell Pilar that there was a hallucinogen in Tabby's tea. Luis tells Pilar that that's why she had the visions she did, but Beth Brings up the accuracy of tabby's Titanic reading. Pilar still has an uneasy feeling.

Kay speeds off in her car to go to Miguel and stop Zombie. She gets pulled over.

Brian and Diana talk about how wonderful everything is and how they wish it could last forever. This gives Diana an idea, and she says she'll show him!

Beth consoles Luis about Teresa and tells him he needs sleep. He said he'd usually go to Hank's, but he forgot his key, and since Hank has an early morning he doesn't want to bug him.. He mentions sleeping at the police station. Beth invites him to stay the night. Luis says, "But you only have 1 bedroom." Beth says with a smile, "I know. I think we can work something out." He agrees to stay at her house.

Kay tries to explain to the cop that she's sorry for speeding, but can't she just go this once since it's a matter of life and death? Plus she's the Chief's daughter? But this cop cannot be bribed...because it turns out to have the voice of Zombie!

Miguel asks who called and Z tells him it was for the wrong room. She lays on the bed provocatively as he walks in the room. He says he doesn't want to rush anything. He wants it to be special. Zombie says that it already is special and she wants to make love now! She kisses him passionately.

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