Passions Update Thursday 5/16/02


Passions Update Thurs. 5/16/02

By Suvi

Grace and Eve are doubting is Tabitha up to the party tonight. Zombie Charity tells to Tabitha if she doesn't do what she tells her to do, she will kill Timmy and her. Tabitha says she is willing to whatever she wants if she spares her precious Timmy. Zombie Charity says it's a done deal. Kay tells to Miguel she wants to continue their talk about Miguel and Charity having sex. Everybody are thanking Grace about an amazing job what she has done to the party. Father Lonigan senses there's a borne of pure evil with them. Kay and Miguel are talking when Zombie Charity comes to them and says to Kay she also wants to hear what she wants to tell to Miguel. Kay says Miguel won't believe what she's about to say but then Zombie Charity starts talking about the birthday cake. She says there is coconut in the cake and that she knows Kay is allergic to coconut so Kay will stay away from the cake. Miguel leaves and Zombie Charity threatens Kay. Kay says father Lonigan knows there's evil around and soon he will realize it's Charity. Zombie Charity threatens Kay if she tries to stop her by making love with Miguel, she will kill Grace. Kay says Charity won't kill either of them. Then she goes to talk to Miguel and at the same time Grace's neck is hurting. Eve wonders what's causing Grace all this horrible pain. Father Lonigan says it's the evil that's doing this. Kay begs Zombie Charity will stop hurting her mother. Zombie Charity says it's either her mom or Miguel who dies.

Sheridan asks Stan how can she make money in just one night so she can buy a birthday present for Brian. Stan says he knows just the right way for that. Stan decides to take Sheridan to a place where she can make money. At the same time, Nick and Brian are about to play some pool. Nick says he wants his money back and that he will do anything to get them. Stan and Sheridan go to the backroom. Sheridan realizes she's about to gamble. First she thinks she's not the one for gambling but then she decides to play. And she wons. She plays more rounds and then decides to quit. Stan says those navigation systems for the boat cost a pretty penny and if Sheridan wants to buy it, she should play another round. Sheridan accepts the offer. One of the dealers say to Stan he's letting Sheridan win quite a lot. Stan says Sheridan won't be alive long enough to spent the money she won.

Luis phones to Whitney and tells her to hurry up and come to the police station. Whitney wants to know what has happened. Luis only tells it concerns Theresa. Luis still can't believe Theresa could ever kill Julian Crane. Theresa won't listen. Luis says to Ethan maybe Theresa will listen him carefully. Theresa says she killed Julian Crane and that's that. Sam is ready to take Theresa to the cell. Whitney arrives to the police station and finds out what has happened. Luis tells to Whitney if Theresa really commits a murder, she will be executed. Whitney goes to the cell and talks with Theresa. Sam tells to Luis and Ethan the police mens are coming back from the Crane mansion. Luis wants to know have they found something. Sam says he doesn't know yet. Whitney says to Theresa she'll get chief Bennett to the cell so Theresa can tell him the murder thing was just a stupid mistake or something. Theresa shouts to Whitney, "No, I can't let you do that, Whitney!" Then Whitney wants to know why is Theresa doing this all. Theresa says she can tell why she confessed to Julian's murder.

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