Passions Update Tuesday 5/14/02



Passions Update Tuesday 5/14/02

By Suvi

Grace tells to Kay lot of people are coming to Charity's birthday. She says the house will be wall-to-wall people. Eve comes to the Bennetts and brings some cassarole to the party. Miguel is wrapping Charitys birthday present and Kay sees what he's about to give her. Then Kay says to Miguel, "No, Miguel, you cannot have sex with her!" Miguel looks at Kay with a strange look. He asks Kay why is she so up against of he and Charity making love. Kay says she doesn't want Charity to get pregnant so young. Miguel says he's going to use protection and there's nothing to worry. Kay says accidentally to Simone that if Miguel makes love to Charity he'll die. Simone says, "He'll what?" Kay explains to her she meant that she, herself, will die if Charity and Miguel have sex. Miguel decides to go over to Tabitha's place and "rescue" Charity before Tabitha talks her ear off. He has a key to a hotel room where they can make love after the party. Kay tells to Miguel if he makes love to Charity, he'll die.

Zombie Charity is about to kill Timmy and she's dreaming about having hotter-than-hot sex with Miguel after the party. Timmy cries for Tabitha's help. Tabitha says she has never felt this kind of pain like now, when Timmy is crying for her help. Tabitha is powerless and she can't help him. Timmy tries to help himself and Toto. Tabitha tries to help Timmy although she has a very little power left. Tabitha is trying to fight Zombie Charity. She says to Tabitha, "You're going to die, you're going to die, miserable witch!" Tabitha saves Timmy and Toto but faints (or dies) herself. Miguel and Kay run in to the house and Miguel saws Charity and says, "Charity, what are you doing?" Kay runs to Tabitha and screames to Miguel, "She's dead. Tabitha's dead, and Charity killed her!"

Theresa tells to Luis and Sam she wants to confess to the murder of Julian Crane. Luis tries to stop her. Luis tells to Sam Theresa is a dreamer, a romantic. She could never resort a murder. Sam says it's hard to believe Theresa would kill anyone but still, if Theresa wants to confess, then that's that. Theresa says she has to protect Ethan. Sam records Theresa's statement. Theresa tells they will find the gun in the ground, somwhere. Sam sends some police cars to the Crane mansion so they will look for the gun. Theresa says she has the gloves, the ones she used when she shot Julian with the gun. She is about to give them to Sam when Luis grabs Theresa's arm and drags her to the door. Sam begs Luis to leave Theresa alone and give him the evidence. Luis says he doesn't want to be a cop no longer but then Luis realizes Theresa is covering for someone. He insits to know who it is that she's covering.

Ivy and Rebecca are very happy about the fact that Theresa is overme with guilt because she thinks Ethan killed Julian for her. When they are talking about it, Ethan and Gwen come to the room and hear it all. Ethan and Gwen can't believe Theresa could do a murder. Rebecca blaims Theresa about a lot of things in the past. She says if there's ever been a black widow, it has been Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Ethan realizes Rebecca is glad Theresa confessed the murder. Rebecca tells to him she's not happy. She's sad when bad things happen to people. She just wants Gwen and Ethan to be friends again without Theresa being around. Ethan still can't believe Theresa could ever kill someone. Ethan decides to go to the police station and help Theresa. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Ivy celebrate.

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