Passions Update Monday 5/13/02



Passions Update Monday 5/13/02

By Susan

Brian and Diana begin to make love, he asks her if she is really ready to make this big step. She says she's completely ready. The maid by accident walks in on them and they laugh and continue doing what they were doing. Then the phone rings and Diana says that it must be the restaurant holding their reservation for them. Brian says that he much rather stay up in the room. Diana says they can always finish after but she wants to celebrate his birthday by having a nice dinner and some dancing. They go downstairs where a bunch of men are waiting to confront Brian. Brian and Diana are dancing and Brian says that this has been his best birthday. The men are waiting for the perfect moment to talk to Brian.

Zombie Charity, Timmy, and Tabitha

Zombie Charity sticks all types of animals on Timmy to kill him. Somehow, after some praying by Tabitha, Timmy gets away from the animals and runs into an abandoned garage. Zombie Charity can't believe that Timmy got away from her. Tabitha is so happy and she stands up to Zombie Charity and tells her that she can't hurt Timmy. Zombie Charity tells her that she has no power to fight her and that she will win against Tabitha. Tabitha doesn't back down so Zombie Charity uses her magic and sends her into another room and locks the door. Then she focuses her attention back to Timmy. She makes a lawnmower become alive and it starts to go after Timmy, who has no where to go.

Gwen and Ethan

Gwen brings Ethan some dinner because he has been working all night. As she walks in Ethan is sleeping on the bed. He wakes up and pulls her into a deep kiss. He realizes what he did and apologizes to her. Gwen says that it was nice and that he was probably thinking of Theresa when he did it. He says that he was thinking of her. He was remembering when he was in law school how she was always there for him. He apologizes to Gwen for hurting her by choosing Theresa. She says she just wants him to be happy. Ethan says the Gwen would make him happy, they fall back into the bed and make love. Ethan and Gwen both agree that that was amazing. They are glowing because they are so happy.

Luis, Rebecca, Ivy, Sam, and Theresa

Theresa confesses to the murder of Julian Crane. Rebecca and Ivy are very happy, Luis and Sam are shocked. Luis tells Sam that Theresa doesn't know what she is saying because of her pregnancy. Luis takes Theresa aside and tells her that she is confessing to a very serious crime, one that he knows that she didn't commit. Theresa says she is ready to make a statement. Luis says no she isn't. Rebecca and Ivy are upset about Luis interference in their plan. so they go into the police station to see what's going on. Sam tells them to leave because they are responsible for the governor getting on Sam's case about arresting someone. Ivy says that she was just trying to push the case forward. Ivy Rebecca tell Theresa that if she did kill Julian, that they wouldn't blame her because of what he did to her. Rebecca tells her that they wouldn't give a pregnant woman a severe punishment. Sam makes them leave. Theresa says she is ready to give her statement on murdering Julian Crane. Luis can't believe it.

As Ivy and Rebecca get back to the Crane mansion, they want to celebrate for the day being so great. They ask Phyllis (the maid) to bring them some drinks and desserts. Then they wonder where their children are. Phyllis informs them that Gwen brought Ethan some food before and when she went to get the tray so hear noise so she didn't disturb them. Rebecca and Ivy are so happy. They said nothing can ruin the day, Ethan and Gwen are back together and Theresa confessed to murder. Rebecca says that just as Ethan and Gwen walk in. Ethan is shocked, he surprised the mothers and then they look really guilty.

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