Passions Update Friday 5/10/02


Passions Update Friday 5/10/02

By Susan

Timmy, Tabitha, and Zombie Charity

Timmy was caught on tape with his connection to robbing the store. Tabitha and Zombie Charity see the news story. Zombie Charity explains that she is going to get Timmy tonight. Tabitha prays that Timmy can run away. Zombie Charity uses her magic to locate Timmy on her mirror. Then she calls information to find out what city that the news story came out of. Then Timmy is resting a little saying how he hopes he finds the missing ingredient to save Charity. Zombie Charity uses a specific spell that make Tabitha very nervous about and wonders if Timmy will die a grizzly death. The spell is first green to located him, then turns red to turn into alligators and other animals, and then blue to go and kill Timmy. The animals just slowly go after him. Tabitha fears the worst.

Brian and Diana

Brian forgets to tell Diana that today is his birthday. She thinks that they need to celebrate esp. because she can't remember her own. Brian says he would do anything for her to make her happy, then she looks up at him dress in only a towel. He says he didn't mean it that way. Then there's a knock at the door and Diana explains that she ordered them champagne to celebrate. Brian and Diana are tired from the day that they just had, researching the Titanic, finding out they had four kids, finding out that one of them just passed on. Diana flashback to remembering dancing with Brian and then she gets sad. She wonders what will happen if they are torn apart again? Then Brian starts kissing her and they slowly remove all of their clothing and fall into bed.

Theresa, Sam, Luis, Ivy, Rebecca, and Whitney

Whitney tells Theresa about Charity's vision about how there will be an arrest in the Julian Crane case. Theresa is worried that Sam will arrest Ethan. Sam asks Luis to remove himself to the case because he is too close to all the suspects. Luis says that it's not a problem and he doesn't believe that Theresa or his mother killed Julian. Theresa runs to the police station to find out what's going on. Ivy and Rebecca received a call letting them know that Theresa is outside the police station. Rebecca and Ivy rush to gets front row seat to all that action. Theresa goes into the station and they asks her if she knows anything about the murder. Theresa is envision Ethan's demise in the electric chair and after lots of prodding by Sam and Luis, she finally just blurts out that she killed Julian! Rebecca and Ivy are watching through the window speechless with smiles on their faces.

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