Passions Update Friday 5/3/02


Passions Update Friday 5/3/02

By Susan

Timmy and The Angel

Timmy is trapped in the store after the three boys tricked him into breaking into the store. Timmy wants to be good and doesn't trust them. But he can't leave because They are holding Toto hostage. Timmy doesn't know what to do so he eats (which is stealing s well but ok) because he says that makes him think better. But it didn't help, so TImmy asks for help. The angel appears and says that he is a real boy with a real conscience and he should use that and trust his instincts. Timmy says he knows what he has to do. SO he lets the guys into the store and they open the cash register and this distracts them from watching Timmy so he presses the security button and then tries to leave and then one of the guys block his way adn tells hium that he is not going anywhere.

Theresa, Ivy, Rebecca, and Whitney

Theresa gets the tape and shows Whitney that she has it. Whitney say that they should watch it. Ivy and Rebecca freak out because they don't want anyone else to know about the tape. So Rebecca busts into the library where Theresa and Whitney are and tells the that Ivy is in incredible amount of pain. Then she tells Ivy to stat screaming. So Rebecca keeps pinching Ivy and Ivy keeps screaming. Ivy asks Whitney where her mother is. Whiteny and Theresa are confused. Ivy begs Whitney to go find her mother so she could help Ivy with the pain. Whitney agrees but she doens't trust either woman. So Whitney leaves and Ivy and Rebecca just stand in the library. Theresa tells the woman that their business is done in the library and she asks them harshly to leave. Rebecca and Ivy leave happily. Theresa watches the tape and is confused to see Julian and then she is shocked to see that Ethan is shown shooting Julian. Rebecca and Ivy watch from the door and are very happy with the way Theresa reacts because THeresa thinks the tape is real and that Ethan killed Julian for her.

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Diana and Brian go try and find their living son, Franklin Jr. (who happens to live in Bermuda). While Beth and Luis are trying to find out more information about what happened on the Titantic. Brian and Diana go visit Franklin. They find out that he is a priest, the gatekeeper tells them he will take them to see Franklin. He walks them over to a tombstone and tells them he has passed on. Diana and Brian are upset, Diana touches the stone and she is brought back to a connection with Franklin, who says that he had a very good life and that they were all very happy. Then he becomes an old man and tells Diana to live in the present and he is going to go see his brothers and sisters. Diana tells Brian about her vision. He is very happy about it. Then the gatekeeper asks if they would like to see Father Franklin's office. They look around it and they see a picture of Franklin and his parents, the gatekeeper tells them that they looks incredibly like his parents. They agree. Then they continue to look around the office. Beth asks Luis if he is really ready to move on and he tells her that he is. Then they find out that Franklin is still alive and living in Bermuda, so he decides to call the office. Luis call and Diana answers the phone. Beth continues to search and finds out that "Susan's" husband was Antonio is a past life , Beth realizes that Antonio will always be the man that comes between Luis and Sheridan, she decides not to tell him.

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