Passions Update Wednesday 5/1/02



Passions Update Wednesday 5/1/02

By Susan

Brian and Diana

Brian and Diana snuggle on the beach, she yet again says she is ready to move onto her life with Brian. She says in their past lives they had four children so she doesn't know how many they want to have. While they are talknig a man is watching them and then he calls someone and says that he has finally found Brian O'Leary and that he is very much in love with a blonde woman, then the man and his phone buddy decide to use Diana to get back at Brian.

Ivy, Rebecca, Ethan, Theresa, and Pilar

Ivy questions Rebecca on how they are going to get Theresa to confess to Julian's murder. Rebecca says that they will show Theresa the tape and that she will turn herself in to protect the man she loves. Ivy says that no womans loves any man that muc ahdn then Rebecca asks her about Sam and Ivy understands. While they are watching the tape again, Pilar and Theresa walk in and so does Ethan. Theresa is upset because she told them that they could stay but they shouldn't be hanging around all over the house watching videos. Phyllis (the maid) starts to clean up the room and take all of the tapes away. Rebecca freaks out and wants to know where the tape that was in the machine was. Phyllis hands her the box and says is this the tape and pops it in to the machine. Rebecca covers the TV because she thinks it's the Ethan tape but instead you hear Indian music playing and see Rebecca and Julian playign dress - up. Everyone is visibly disgusted. Theresa understands why Rebeca wanted that tape hidden. Then eve
Zombie Charity, Luis, Beth, Timmy and Tabitha

Zombie Charity is ready to do away with Tabitha. So she decides to get on top of her and bash her head into the floor multiple times. Tabitha is crying out and Luis (who is coming to ask her some questions about Julian's Murder) hears her. He starts banging on the door to see if Tabitha is ok. Zombie Charity realizes he is there so she tells Tabitha to get rid of him and she goes off to hide in the kitchen. Luis coems in and Tabitha tells him that everything is ok except she just tripped over the chair, that's why she was screaming. Luis tells her why he is there, she's asks him if she's a suspect and he says no because Gwen saw her at the time of the shooting. Tabitha said that she will do anythingto make sure Luis stays so Zombie Charity can't kill her. Tabitha offers Luis some tea when she goes into the kitchen to make it Zombie Charity tells her that there is no point to stall, she can kill her right there and now. She doesn't of course but she still likes throwing the threats around. 

Then Tabitha goes back to Luis, who was waiting for her in the living room. Zombie Charity then focuses her attention on finding Timmy. She uses her magic to make the ceiling of the kitchen into the sky, filled with stars. THen she just starts throwing stars into the sky to find Timmy. Timmy is with his new dog and he is still trying to get away. Timmy thinks the farther away from Harmony he is the better off he will be. Tabitha and Luis enjoy the tea and she reads her tea leaves and then says she would like to read Luis'. She tells him that Sheridan and him were on the Titanic together but he didn't make it and she married another passenger on the ship. Luis tells her that Sheridan once went to a fortune teller who told her that she was on the titanic in a past life. Luis tells tabitha that he must leave and goes to see Beth at the book cafe. Tabitha is happy with her curse. Then she goes into the kitchen to see zombie Charity. Tabitha asks what she is doing, she tells her that Timmy can run but can't hide". timmy is still walking with the dog and looks up in the sky and it says "SURRENDER TIMMY".

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