Passions Update Monday 4/29/02



Passions Update Monday 4/29/02

By Suzanne

Brian/Antonio gets out of the shower and wakes up Diana/Sheridan, who asks him how he slept in the chair. Fine, he says and he hopes she got a good sleep. She feels much better and thinks the shot from the doctor did the trick. He tells her that he was worried about her, as he hands her the breakfast tray. She asks if he heard from his brother. He is disappointed that he hasn’t; he thought they were going to start over but he blew him off again. They don’t see the note to Antonio that was left under the door. Diana says that he must have had a good reason. Brian isn’t so sure. He remembers how mad he was when he left the family and town. She wonders if there was some family emergency, but he says that would be even more reason for him to tell him, so he could help out. She says that he seemed like a nice guy. Brian agrees but wonders why he didn’t leave a message or note. They keep discussing it and retrace their steps from before.  The maid comes and they decide to go to the beach.  Brian finally sees the envelope .  He is afraid to read it but does on Diana's urging.  It's not a note, it's just a picture of Luis and Sheridan from the ball last night, from the photographer.  At first "Diana" thinks it's a picture of her and Brian because they look a lot alike in the masks.  The maid says they look very much in love.  The two go out to the balcony to find their sunglasses.  The maid looks at the picture again and says to herself that they still look very much in love.  Later, the maid finds Luis' note.  Diana and Brian have already left to go snorkeling.  The maid figures that they already read the note and missed the trashcan when they threw it out (oh, right! No maid would do that.).

Meanwhile, Luis bangs on Travis’ door, looking for Theresa. He is angry and yelling for her. Travis opens the door and hey both run up the stairs. 

Theresa awakens in bed from her alarm. She comments on how she will love to getting used to the luxury. She thinks about what to have for breakfast and then rings for a servant. She gets grumpy when they don’t arrive instantly. Pilar walks in with a tray. Theresa, aghast, asks her mom why she’s wearing her old maid uniform. Pilar tells her that she works there as the housekeeper. Theresa says, no, she is her mother and she lives there now. Pilar slept at Grace’s, not in the guest room. She tells Theresa that she will never live in “this evil house”. They argue about it. Theresa thinks the house is great and that her mother’s fears are silly. Pilar thinks the house is tainted and that Theresa should stop living in a fantasy world and start thinking about being a mother. Pilar thinks that Ethan will win the estate back for Ivy on appeal. Pilar has a bad feeling about all of it. Theresa reminds her that when she has the Crane money, she will give it all to Ethan and that will win him back. Pilar doesn’t agree and thinks that it will be bad for the baby for her to stay.

Rebecca eavesdrops on Theresa and Pilar. Ivy wheels up, startling Rebecca. Ivy asks her if she’s giving up on her plan to try to get Theresa to confess to killing Julian. Rebecca says, no, that the plan is working on fine. They have to wait until after the baby is born but then she thinks Theresa will be going to the electric chair. She describes her as a “crispy chimichanga” and Ivy makes an unpleasant face. Ivy asks her for details about the plan, but Rebecca won’t let her. They hide when they hear Luis and Ethan coming up the stairs. Then they come back out as if they were just coming down the hall. Ivy tells Luis that she hopes that he can convince his sister to let her have the estate. Ethan reminds her that he’ll win on appeal. Luis hopes he does and says he wants to throw Theresa out on her butt. They gladly point to where Theresa is so he can toss her out. Luis knocks and the others leave to give them privacy. 

Pilar opens the door and Theresa hugs Luis happily. She says she has so much to tell him. He says that being in that house is not good news, and he gets out her suitcase to start packing her clothes. She looks at him, shocked, her mother hanging open. They tell him that they can’t go home because theirs was burned in a fire. He says it doesn’t matter because he won’t stay one night in the Crane house. He says they’ll rebuild the house and stay at Grace’s B&B. They tell Luis the bad news that they didn’t have insurance on the house. He is stunned.  He wants to know what happened.  Pilar says that they had to stop paying it when the rates went up (due to crime) and Theresa wasn't working.  She didn't want to tell him so he would be worried.  Luis is upset but says it's not her fault.  Theresa says that Miguel is staying with the Bennett's and she's in Ethan's room at the B&B since he's in the Crane mansion to be with Ivy.  Theresa says it's ridiculous for them to be all spread out when they have the big place to live.  Luis says he'd rather be in jail.  She thinks it's macho pride.  Luis says it holds too many terrible memories of Sheridan and their father.  In the conversation, he reveals that he no longer thinks that Sheridan will come back and he has to move on with his life--with Beth.

Rebecca tells Ivy to call the governor, a family friend of hers, to complain that the police chief hasn’t yet found out her husband’s murderer. Ivy balks at getting Sam in trouble, but Rebecca says that she just has to get the governor to light a fire under him. Ivy wonders if they really should want to find out who killed Julian, since most of the suspects are people they know and love. Rebecca says of course they want to know. Rebecca phones Charles to ask him to bring something to the house. She tells Ivy to make herself scarce as she puts her plan in action.  Charles arrives and Ivy flirts with him, touching him all over, as she thanks him for his help.  He says he looks forward to seeing more of her soon.  She assures him that he will and he leaves.  Ivy comes back in with a snarky remark.  Rebecca has a videotape from Charles that she hopes will put Theresa in the chair.  They argue about calling the governor.  Ivy insists that Rebecca show her the tape.  Rebecca says she will and goes to get the box it came in.

Ethan asks Theresa if they can go down to the library to talk; she goes with him. Meanwhile, Luis and Pilar talk about Theresa and how she is still in love with Ethan and living in a fantasy about getting him back.  He tells her that he ran into Antonio in Bermuda.  She is ecstatic.  He says that he left him a note and he hopes that Antonio will come back.  Pilar asks him questions about Antonio.  Luis tells her that he has this girlfriend that Antonio thinks is "the one".  He explains about the masked ball but says they didn't talk much.  He also tells her that Antonio is calling himself by his middle name, Brian.  She looks forward to Antonio's return.  Luis goes to phone Brian so he can find out why he hasn't come home yet.  The desk clerk tells him that they aren't in.  They hope that this means that they are on their way home right now.  Pilar tells Luis how happy she is that she'll see Antonio after all this time and how all her children will be together. 

Ethan wants Theresa to sign a paper that says she's aware that he's filing an appeal on behalf of Ivy.  There is a sexual tension as she signs in.  She tells him that the room reminds her of the times they spent together.  She wishes they could live there together.  He is incredulous and reminds her that he's appealing to get the house back for his mother.  She says that he already lost.  He says that it makes no sense that she won because she has no evidence to support her side.  Ivy and Rebecca come up and see the two of them together in the library.  Theresa grabs her stomach and feels dizzy.  Ethan helps her to the couch.  She thanks him for being concerned about her.  He says of course he's concerned and doesn't want anything to happen to her or the baby.  He goes to get her some water.  Rebecca whispers to Ivy that she'd better call the governor before Theresa takes everything from her.  Ivy demands again to know what's on the tape.  Rebecca says it's the tape from the security camera from the cannery on the night that Julian died.  It shows who kills Julian.  Ivy thanks Rebecca and says she owes her one.  Rebecca agrees and hands Ivy the phone; Ivy calls the governor.

On the beach, Diana has some flashbacks to her happy times with Brian.  She has a daydream of their future with two little blonde kids.  As they talk about how they are so happy, she gets a chill.  He figures she must still be sick, so he gets them some tea.  Diana remarks to herself that she's truly happy for the first time that she can remember.

Theresa asks Ethan to talk to Luis about how they should stay there.  He can't because he agrees with Luis.  She reminds him that their house was damaged in the fire.  He's sure they can find somewhere to stay and she should listen to her brother.  He leaves.  She goes back to her room and Luis has two full suitcases in his hands.  He threatens to pick her up and carry her out, but she tells him to back off because he'll hurt the baby.  Pilar tells her to stop being stubborn.  They yell at each other and keep arguing.

Downstairs, Ivy and Rebecca prepare to play the tape.  Ethan comes in and wonders what's on the tape.  They lie to cover.  Ivy changes the subject and asks about the appeal.  Ethan leaves them alone again.  Rebecca puts in the tape.  It shows Julian climbing and a gun comes up and someone's hand with a gun aimed at him.    The gun fires (nice angles for a security tape!!) and we see it was Ethan with the gun.  Ivy is shocked that it was Ethan and yells "No!".

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