Passions Update Friday 4/26/02


Passions Update Friday 4/26/02

By Susan

Theresa, Ethan, Ivy, Rebecca, Pilar, and Gwen

Theresa tells Rebecca and Ivy that they can stay and that she will be staying in the guest room for the time being. Rebecca plans to get the security tape of Theresa and makes sure that Theresa will confess to killing Julian. THen the State will convict her and she will be executed. Theresa pretend to faint and calls for Ethan to help her. Gwen hears her and tells her that Ethan won't fall for her tricks. Gwen says that she doesn't need to manipulated Ethan for him to care about her. Theresa tells herself that as mrs. Julian Crane she will do whatever it takes or she will die trying to get Ethan. Pilar apologizes to Ethan for all the trouble that Theresa has caused.

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Beth and Luis hurry off to go back to Harmony. Luis left a note and slid it under the room of Brian and Diana. But it was swept into a corner so when they opened the door they couldn't see it. Brian finds out that Luis and Beth checked out. Brian thought his brother cared about him and didn't understand why he left so suddenly. Luis is wondering why brian and Diana aren't running to the airport to come back to Harmony. Beth tells Luis that all the trouble is not just his burden. She is there for him and his siblings are older enough to also help out. Diana vows to let her heart be open to a new love as does Luis.

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