Passions Update Wednesday 4/24/02



Passions Update Wednesday 4/24/02

By Susan

Tabitha, Zombie Charity, and Timmy

Zombie Charity send the bird of Death to kill Timmy. Timmy see the bird and runs into a men's bathroom. He doesn't know what to do. Tabitha uses her phone to call Timmy's phone. She tells Timmy to put the roll of toilet paper on his beak so he won't be able to use his beak anymore. Charity goes visits Charity and tells her all about the bird and how she plans to kill Miguel. Timmy gets away from the bird. The bird goes back to Tabitha's house and tells her that he has to tell zombie Charity that Timmy got away. Tabitha can't let that happen so she grabbed the bird so he won't talk.

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Diana finally meets Luis and Beth but everyone is wearing face mask so they don't see each others faces. Luis asks Diana to dance but Diana can't hear him because her ears are clogged. Luis and Diana dance and he dreams of Sheridan. Then Beth waves and him and he remembers that Beth is his future not Sheridan. Then the tango comes on and Luis and Diana have the most magical dance. Luis doesn't know what to think and Diana can't hear him speak because of her clogged ears.

Theresa, Pilar, Ethan, Ivy, Alistair, Rebecca, Theresa's Lawyer, Gwen and the judge

The judge reads his verdict. He follows Alistair's orders. The judge begins on the fact that he doesn't think that there is enough evidence for Theresa to even have a case but he changes his mind and his final decision was that the divorce was valid and that Theresa is the only Mrs. Julian Crane. Theresa and everyone else can't believe the verdict. Theresa tells Ethan that she would like Ivy and Everyone to meet the Crane mansion as soon as possible. Theresa is welcome with open arms from the staff at the Crane mansion. Everyone arrives and Theresa give them 10 minutes to pack everything and leave the mansion. Ivy can't believe it. Theresa calls out the Crane security to make sure everyone leaves. Pilar tells Theresa that there is no way she will ever get Ethan back.

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