Passions Update Tuesday 4/23/02



Passions Update Tuesday 4/23/02

By Suvi

Zombie Charity is looking for Timmy. She can't hind him. Tabitha is looking for Timmy too. Timmy has ran away from the attic. Timmy is walking in the road and a woman named Tonia picks him up. Zombie Charity comes to the attic and finds Tabitha in there. "Charity" asks Tabitha where Timmy is. Tabitha doesn't now and Zombie Charity can't believe it. She asks Tabitha why would Timmy take off like that? Tabitha tells her Timmy saw his future, he saw himself dead. Tonia tells to Timmy she's a psychologist and she might help Timmy with his problem. Timmy tells to her angel girl turned Timmy into a real boy. "Charity" tells to Tabitha nobody is going to stop her to making love with Miguel and therefore causing his death. Zombie Charity wants to look a spell from the Book of Spells. She wants to cause some pain and suffering. Then, she sees that the page where the real Charity's saving spell was, is missing. Timmy tells everything to Tonia. He tells about Tabitha's age, his doll life before, and the Zombie Charity/Miguel/Real Charity in a block of ice-thing. Tonia is very confused about all of those things. Zombie Charity realizes that Timmy was the one who took the Book of Spells. "Charity" casts a spell for Timmy. She hopes that a bird will bring Timmy to her, dead or alive.

Theresa tells to her mother she couldn't lie in front of the judge. She told the truth for Ethan's sake. Ivy is very pleased that they won and Theresa lost. Gwen thinks it's still not the time to celebrate because Ethan is not the kind of man who just sits back and watches Theresa be thrown at the street. Mr. Stumper tells to Ethan if Theresa loses the case she'll lose everything. He asks Ethan will her mother Ivy give Theresa the 10 million although they win the case. Theresa cries to her mother she has lost everything. Pilar says she did the right thing. Suddenly, Theresa's mind lightens up. She figures out something. Ethan goes to Ivy and tells her could they give the 10 million to Theresa. Ivy says they offered the money to Theresa before and that she turned them down. Ivy says Theresa gets nothing. Theresa figures out she just told the truth and that must mean Ethan saw Theresa's true feelings for him. Pilar doesn't want Theresa's hopes so high. Alistair goes to talk to judge and insists the court decision will be made by his own requirements. Mr. Stumped asks Theresa why didn't she just lie to the judge? Theresa tell him that he look in Ethan's hurting eyes changed her mind. Ivy is wondering why didn't Theresa lie in the stand, too. Gwen realizes that maybe Theresa still loves Ethan and couldn't tell to truth because of the love she feels for Ethan. Ethan comes up to Theresa and tells her he has something important to say. Ethan says that she was impressed about that fact Theresa didn't lie on the stand. Theresa says she hopefully doesn't lose everything. Then she asks Ethan that couldn't he see in the court room that Theresa has changed, for good. Alistair threatens the judge so much that the judge has to bend to Alistair's wishes. Ethan tells to begging Theresa that it's over between them, forever. Theresa thinks she has lost EVERYTHING. They all go to the court room because the judge has made the decision...

Luis, Beth and Brian meet. Beth is wondering where's Diana? Brian tolds that Sheridan is till under the weather and insited that Brian should meet Luis and Beth. Meanwhile, Sheridan wants to surprise Brian. Sheridan goes to the party and she has to wear a mask because of the party rules. She losts her contact with Brian and doesn't find him. A woman comes up the her and asks Diana is she looking for someone? Sheridan tells that she is. The woman can tell only by the look in Sheridan's face that she's looking for someone she loves. Brian finds Sheridan in a very bad shape. Her voice is terrible and her ears are clogged. Brian is telling to her that his brother and his girlfriend are dancing over there. Sheridan doesn't hear anything. First Brian wants Sheridan to go back to bed because she still has fever. Sheridan wants to share the wonderful party with Brian. Then, Brian agrees and lets Sheridan stay. At last, Luis, Beth, Brian and Sheridan gather together. Once they have shaken hands Sheridan says something to Luis. She says, "I know you. "

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