Passions Update Monday 4/22/02



Passions Update Monday 4/22/02

By Susan

Luis, Beth, Brian, and Diana

Luis and Beth begin to make love as Luis tells Beth that he was foolish for taking so long to realize that Beth is the one he should be with. Diana tells Brian that he is the one she wants to be with and she wants their first time to be special and wants to wait until she feels better. Beth and Luis are interrupted by the maid who brings their costumes for the ball later in the night. Diana tells Brian that even though she feels bad, he should go to the ball. Luis and Beth are dancing and see Brian and asks where Diana is. Diana appears and can't wait to surprise Brian.

Theresa, Ethan, Pilar, Mr. Stumper, Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen

Ethan questions Theresa on the stand. Mr. Stumper tells her to lie on certain questions. Ethan asks Theresa if she lied about ever loving him. Theresa breaks down on the stand telling Ethan that he has always been the one for her. Ethan believes that he won the case. Rebecca and Ivy are happy with the results of Ethan's questioning. The judge dismisses everyone and goes back into his chamber to think about his verdict. Theresa asks Mr. Stumper if she has a chance and he says that she has no chance in H&LL. Ethan is upset about seeing Theresa in so much pain. Gwen thinks that Ethan will pushover and help Theresa. The judge goes into his office only to fine Alistair there. HE tells the judge that this case will be easy as long as he does what he is told to do.

Zombie Charity, Tabitha, Timmy and Kay

Zombie Charity and Kay both look for Timmy with the book of spells. Tabitha tells Timmy that getting rid of Zombie Charity is her fight and that he shouldn't have to deal with it. Timmy says that there must be a way and he runs away from Tabitha and steals a spell from the book. Tabitha catches up to Timmy and steals the book back. Then she locks Timmy in the attic and goes to hid the book in the fireplace. Timmy says that he tricked Tabitha and all he needs is to find the ingredients for the spell. He locates all of them except for devil's horn so he go out the window and jumps off the roof in search of the devil's horn. Zombie Charity tricks Kay to go to the basement and that is where she will find Timmy. Kay goes in and then starts screaming because she feels arms grabbing at her. Tabitha and Zombie charity help Kay out and tell her that it was just plants down in the basement and Timmy never goes there. Kay says she has to leave. then Tabitha asks Zombie Charity to leave as well and she said not until she finds Timmy. Tabitha goes back to the attic to fins out that Timmy has disappeared.

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