Passions Update Friday 4/19/02


Passions Update Friday 4/19/02

By Susan

Zombie Charity, Timmy, Tabitha and Kay

Tabitha calls her book company and asks them to send her a check because she is going to be doing some traveling. BOth Timmy and Kay are trying to find the book of spells to stop Zombie Charity. KAy gets it off Fluffy and Her and Timmy both try to fake each other out with the reason why they both want the book. Timmy sneezes on the book and takesi t away telling Kay that he will dry it off for her. Timmy gets the book alone and thinks he finds a spell. The scrolls appear and show Timmy that Timmy is going to die. Tabitha appears and tells Timmy she didn't want him to see that. Zombie Chairty tells Kay to stop trying to stop her and then goes to find Timmy.

Theresa, Ethan, Mr Stumper, Ivy, Rebecca, Pilar, and Gwen

Ethan asks Theresa to take the settlement again and she refuses. Ethan gets a call that their case is going to be heard that day. So they all get ready for court. Mr. Stumper tells THeresa that if she won't take the settlement then they are going to to have to use ever trick in the book to make the judge feel bad for her. Ethan is very secure that they will win but right before they begin he asks theresa to take the settlement and yet again she refuses. The case begins and Ethan shocks everyone by calling Theres ato the stand.

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Beth and Brian think that they can win the hearts of Diana and Luis and say maybethat they will become Brother and Sister in law. Luis goes to the elevator to bring the picture to show Brian and Diana sees the back of him and races after him. SHe doesn't make it because she runs into some people and she starts coughing. Luis gets in the elevator and Diana bangs on the door. Brian comes out of the elevator but DIana thinks it's Luis. Beth tells Luis that she is his and she is reday to wait. Diana apologixes to Brian for not trying to make this love work. Diana says she is goingto give them a chance, her and Brian kiss. Luis tells Beth that he is going to Tell Brain to bring his girlfriend back. Luis thanks beth for waiting and that he thinks he is ready to give them a chance. THey start kissing outside of Brian and Diana's room.

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