Passions Update Wednesday 4/17/02



Passions Update Wednesday 4/17/02

By Susan

Kay, Miguel, Grace, Sam, Tabitha, Zombie Charity, and Timmy

Zombie Charity asks Kay in front of anyone if she set off the fire because she was jealous of her. Kay is shocked and then says she meant that she wondered if kay knew anyone would would set the fire. Tabitha wants to Keep Timmy healthy and tries to make him pancakes. They don't turn out very well so they go over to Bennetts so Timmy can have a nice breakfast. Grace gives Timmy orange Juice, Strawberries and other breakfast stuff. He thinks everything tastes wonderful and they are all surprised that he has never tasted the food before. Tabitha asks ZC to help give Timmy eternal life. ZC turns her down quickly saying that she will kill him among others.

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Beth and Luis are sititng down for breakfast and are waiting for Brian and Diana. Brian and Diana are running late and they slowly make their way to the restaurant. As they go, Brian feels Diana's forehead and she's burning up and he makes her go back to the room and he will bring his brother up to meet her after breakfast. Diana goes upstairs but goes into Luis' room and sees a picture of Pilar, Miguel, and Theresa and she flashes back to "her dead lover". Then She falls asleep on the bed. Brian listens to Luis as he explains all he had to give up since he left. Brian apologizes and then Luis asks Brian to come home and Brian says no. Luis then says he has a picture to show him and maybe it will change his mind. Luis goes up to his room and he sees Diana sleeping on the bed.

Theresa, Pilar, Ethan, Ivy, Rebecca, Theresa's Lawyer and Gwen

Ethan offers Theresa a 10 million dollar settlement. Theresa says no, she wants everything thing. Everyone think she's crazy. Her lawyer says that if she doesn't take the offer, she will lose the case and end up with nothing. Ivy is happy because she wants her to end up in a shack. Ethan informs Theresa of the loop holes in Divorce. Pilar doesn't understand why Theresa wouldn't take the settlement. Pilar says no matter what Theresa won't get Ethan back.

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