Passions Update Monday 4/15/02



Passions Update Monday 4/15/02

By Suvi

Miguel tries to apologize to Sam but he doesn't want to hear any excuses.

Miguel tells the truth: Kay and "Charity" fell down the stairs like two stunt doubles. Miguel tried to break their fall but it was too late. Sam says that when he and Grace walked in it looked like they were feeling anything but pain. He wants Miguel to cut to the chase. Miguel tells him he saw a monster upstairs. Sam asked what kind of a monster? Miguel says that it was like demon with wings. Sam asks Miguel that is he trying to tell that his niece or daughter is a demon? Miguel says" No, no. I take full responsibility, all right? Charity and kay were just trying to bring me some blankets and they tripped and fell down the stairs. And they were trying to get me to relax, you know, before they went back up, at least that's what I think they were doing." Sam wants to talk about that thing in the morning, not now because it's late. Miguel asks Sam that isn't he throwing him out? Sam says that no, if Miguel will sleep ALONE in the sofa. "Keep your shorts on and your hormones off", Sam says.

Pilar thanks God that Miguel was saved tonight.

Grace is very disappointed in Kay and Zombie Charity. Kay says to "Charity" that Charity will make love to Miguel tonight over her dead body. Charity doesn't care. Kay is very angry to Charity. Grace comes to Kay's and "Charity's" room and tells that she is stunned about what she saw downstairs. Grace says that she didn't ever expect Charity would do something like that. Grace asks that where did "Charity" get her salacious outfit. Charity lies to her. She tells Grace the outfit was found among her mother's stuff after the fire. Grace then asks Kay where did her get her outfit. Kay tells her she bought it herself. Grace says that Kay doesn't have to cheapen herself to attract boys. Kay explaines to Grace that she and "Charity" were both taking him a blanket and it was dark in the hallway and that they bumped into each other and fell down the stairs. Grace doesn't really believe the story because they were wearing so stupid clothes. Charity tells Grace that it's only her fault, not Kay's.

Whitney is in Chad's car. He's playing music but Whitney thinks it's late and says that Chad should turn it down. Chad does so and tells to nervous Whitney her parents just went to sleep so they are not going to find Whitney in Chad's car. TC sees Chad's car out front and rushes outside although Eve tries to stop him. Chad asks what does Whitney think about his new song. Whitney thinks it's absolutely beautiful. Chad wants Whitney to sing it. Whitney doesn't want to. She thinks that her father will kill her if she would go to the music business. TC finds Whitney and Chad and shouts to them. "Whitney, get out of the car now!" he screams. " I've told you time and time again to stay away from my daughter, didn't I?" TC shouts. TC says to Chad that he put drugs in Whitney's drink. Chad shouts that he never drugged Whitney. TC doesn't believe. Eve tries to defend Chad. TC asks Eve is there something she's not telling him? Eve looks bothered. TC wants to know what Eve's hiding. Eve remembers when Ivy told her that she drugged Whitney. Eve doesn't tell anything about Ivy to TC, Chad and Whitney. Chad leaves, defeated. Whitney tells to her parents Theresa is living in the Crane mansion again. TC and Eve can't believe it.

Theresa won't let Ivy and Rebecca to the Crane mansion. She shuts the door in front of Ivy and Rebecca and leaves them behind it. Ivy and Rebecca scream like nuts to Theresa. Gwen and Ethan hear Ivy's and Rebecca's screaming and they decide to find out what's going on. Rebecca tells to Ethan that Theresa has changed all the locks to the Crane mansion. Theresa tells to Phyllis that Ivy and Rebecca are intruders. Phyllis founds a gun and tells to Theresa that she can shot at Ivy and Rebecca.heresa takes the gun out of Phyllis's hands and accidentally pushes the trigger. At the same time Ivy, Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen come to the room. The gun shots... Ethan! Ethan lies on the floor but then he groans and wakes up. Ivy wants to Phyllis to call the police. Phyllis says she can't do that because the gun shot was her fault. Ethan defends Theresa and tells to Ivy that Theresa will be staying in Crane mansion at least for tonight. Eve and TC come to the Crane mansion and try to get Theresa to their house. Theresa thinks that Ethan's opinion is the best. She is staying in the Crane mansion.

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