Passions Update Friday 4/12/02


Passions Update Friday 4/12/02

By Susan

Zombie Charity and Miguel and Kay

ZC and Kay fight on top of the stairs, in order to see who can get to Miguel's bed first. Miguel sees a shadow of wings (ZC) but ZC says that it was Kay who threw her down the stairs. Then Kay and Charity both try to flirt with Miguel, but Miguel doesn't fall for it. He just tells them both to put on some more clothes. He goes to get a glass of water.  As he sits down on the couch, Zombie Charity starts massaging his feet and Kay rubs his shoulders.  Grace and Sam walk in and are shocked!

Theresa and Whitney

Theresa has a terrible dream about giving birth to a demon. Whitney comforts her and tells her that Eve used to have horrible dreams when she was first pregnant. Whitney thinks that Theresa should go to her real home and not stay at the Crane mansion. Theresa is wondering why she is so scared to have the baby. Theresa is wondering where Ethan is because he said he will start staying at the mansion again.

Eve, Ivy, David, Rebecca, John, TC, Ethan, Sam, Tabitha, and Timmy

Eve reads the results and says the John is Grace's son. She lied because Ivy keeps threatening her about making Eve's daughters drug addicts. Rebecca doesn't believe Eve. Sam tells Rebecca it's none of her business.  If Eve says that John is Grace's son, then John is Grace's son. Tabitha and Timmy are in shock that Eve lied. Sam apologizes to Ivy for doubting her. Ivy says it hurt her, but she tries to convince everyone she changed. Ethan believes her. David wants to know why Eve lied for Ivy. Eve tells David that she had no other choice. David doesn't care what Ivy says. David enjoys seeing John and Grace so happy; Eve believes that the truth will come out someday. Eve wants David to promise that he is not going to try and break up Sam and Grace. Eve tells Ivy that she will never forgive her and that if she comes near her children, she will KILL her.

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Beth wonders if she did the right thing by telling Luis about Antonio. Luis and Antonio run into each other. They first fight but then Luis tells Antonio that he wants to get to know him again and he is sick of fighting. Luis tells Antonio that he is stick of losing people in his life. Diana wonders what Brian's brother is like. Antonio tells Luis that he goes by the name Brian now. Luis thinks that there is something wrong but Brian says that he just wants to go by his middle name and that there is nothing wrong with that. Luis invites Brian and his guest for breakfast in the morning. Diana is excited to meet Brian's brother.

Chad pulls up in front of the Russell's house and invites Whitney to sit with him.

Ethan, Rebecca, and Ivy go to the Crane mansion to find out that Theresa has changed all the locks. She then throws them out of the house just like they did to her.

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