Passions Update Thursday 4/11/02


Passions Update Thurs. 4/11/02 -- USA

By Suvi and Suzanne

Whitney helps Theresa moves into the Crane mansion and immediately starts talking about making changes in the decor. She steals Ivy's maid and her new designer clothes.  Whitney is shocked by her best friend's behavior. Theresa tearfully admits she can't come to terms with having Julian's baby.  Whitney comforts her. Theresa continues to play the diva.  Later, Theresa has a nightmare that she gives birth to her baby and it has a dead like a demon.  Then the demon head turns into a bald Julian and talks to her.

Eve is called upon to read the results. Everyone is waiting breathlessly, including Timmy and Tabitha.  Ivy tries to delay the reading by almost falling out of her wheelchair.  Sam and Ethan rush to rescue her.  Rebecca wonders what Ivy is up to this time.  Ivy later pulls Eve aside and threatens again to get her daughters hooked on drugs. A horrified Eve has an upsetting glimpse of the future where Whitney is singing in a sleazy nightclub and Simone is a hooker there.  Her two daughters are on drugs and selling themselves, while she wails.  The cops come in and arrest Whitney.  Eve is startled out of her reverie by T.C.  He worries but she says she's fine.  She reads the results and says that John is Grace's son.  The two hug happily.  Rebecca, annoyed and sure that Eve is lying, snatches the results out of her hands and insists on reading them herself.

Kay is determined to stop Zombie Charity from making love to Miguel. ZCharity wants Miguel to sleep upstairs, but Kay says he should sleep on the couch like he promised Sam.  The  two girls warily agree to retire to their bedrooms while Miguel sleeps downstairs.  ZChairty zaps Kay's butt with a bolt, making her jump.  Miguel is close enough to feel the heat and wonders what that is.  ZCharity comes up with a somewhat plausible explanation.  Each of the girls dresses up in a sexy negligee and tries to sneak downstairs to Miguel, but see each other as they are leaving their rooms.  They get into a fight at the top of the stairs and make screeching noises, which awaken Miguel.  He yells "Charity"! as the two girls go tumbling down the stairs.

Luis is shocked when Beth informs him his brother is staying right next  door. Sheridan tries to call Brian's brother but Brian hangs up.  He says that Luis doesn't want to talk to him. Sheridan is curious about Brian's brother and finds herself wondering who he's staying with.  Brian fills her in on the great love of Luis' life and figures he's trying to move on.  Luis starts to go over to see his brother while Brian suggests to "Diana" that they leave.

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