Passions Update Wednesday 4/10/02



Passions Update Wednesday 4/10/02

By Susan

Kay, Miguel, Ivy, Eve, John, David, Pilar, Grace, Tabitha, Zombie Charity, and Timmy

Eve almost tells the DNA results but there are many side conversations going on. Kay tells Zombie Charity to leave Miguel alone and tells her she made her and then she can destroy her. Zombie Charity tells Kay s that she's too powerful (but she says it in her Demon voice) Grace overhears her and tells her that they need to discuss birth control and she hopes that she will wait before having sex with Miguel. Ivy listens as Eve comforts Pilar about her children. Eve says that she understands and she would do anything for her children. Ivy realizes that's the way to get Eve to change the results!

Beth, Luis, Brian, and Diana

Beth sees Brian and tells him that Luis would be so happy to see him. Brian says that the last thing that Luis wants to do is see him. Beth tells him that he is wrong. Brian tells her to just enjoy the time with Luis. Diana's scarf is stuck in her door so Luis let's her know that it's is stuck.  As she opens the door, their hands touch, and they have and incredible shock. Diana is not dressed, so that's why she doesn't opens the door completely. Luis is sucked into a conga line just as Diana opens the door. Luis goes back to Beth and she tells him that she can't lie to him and let's him know that Antonio is in the next room.

Theresa and Whitney

Theresa is feeling better but wants to go home. Whitney says she can't because it burnt down, Theresa says no she wants to go to HER house, the Crane mansion. The doctor tells Theresa that he wants to do an ultrasound on the baby. He does the ultrasound and Theresa doesn't look. But then he says that he can't believe it but he thinks that he saw a tail on the ultrasound. Theresa starts to worry but Whitney tells her don't believe him. Then They go off to the mansion and Theresa wants to rest.

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