Passions Update Tuesday 4/9/02



Passions Update Tuesday 4/9/02

By Suvi

In Bermuda, the bellhop wants to reunite Luis and Sheridan, but a waiter talks him out of it. Sheridan feels the secret of her past is very, very near. She has a flash of memory and asks the bellhop if he's seen her at the resort before.

Gwen and Rebecca are shocked when they arrive at the hospital to find Theresa and Ethan kissing! Ethan explains himself to Rebecca and Gwen. Theresa feels certain Ethan will be hers again soon. Whitney tries to reason with her friend. Ethan decides to move back into the Crane mansion. Theresa is crushed when she overhears Ethan ask Gwen to stay the night with him.

TC comforts a distraught Pilar. Pilar cries and admits that she has no insurance. Tabitha encourages Grace to read the DNA results for herself. Rebecca taunts Ivy as she spots Grace opening the envelope containing the results.

Kay and Zombie Charity threaten one another. Zombie Charity puts the moves on Miguel, while Kay vows to stop her.

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