Passions Update Monday 4/8/02



Passions Update Monday 4/8/02

By Susan

Luis, Beth, Brian, and Diana

Luis and Beth are enjoying dinner and Diana and Brian arrive at the same restaurant and sit down only two tables away. Beth realizes that this restaurant is where Luis took Sheridan. Luis says that he took her there because he wanted to get some closure. Luis hears a song playing and he asks Beth to dance. She is a little hesitant but eventually agrees, even though no one else is dancing. Brian observes them dancing (behind a curtain) and asks Diana to dance as well. The waiter recognizes Luis and Sheridan from their trip last year. He tells another waiter that Sheridan and Luis are with the wrong people and they are supposed to be together. He wants to help them get back together.

Eve and Ivy

Ivy holds up a gun to Eve requesting the results for the DNA tests. Eve asks Ivy if there's nothing she won't do. Ivy tells her that she is not ready to give up. Ivy tells Eve that she has nothing left, she's lost everything because she has stayed married too long to Julian Crane. Eve tells Ivy she has Ethan's love to help her. Eve thinks Ivy is bluffing so she take the results and herself and she leaves Grace's house. Ivy thinks about killing herself but decides against it because Ethan would take more grief if she gives up.

At Pilar's House
Theresa, Ethan, Whitney, Chad, Sam, Hank, TC, Miguel, Zombie Charity, Grace, Pilar, Tabitha, Timmy and Kay

The whole house is engulfed in flames. Pilar comes home and see her house in flames. Grace lets Pilar know the Theresa is not in the house but Miguel might be. Kay is very worried about the fire (that she started). Theresa tries to get inside the house and while trying to get into the basement, her coat catches on fire. Ethan sees the coat on fire and runs over to her and makes her get on the ground to put the fire out. Whitney tries to run for help but Chad grabs her and tells her that nothing would stop Ethan from saving Theresa, he then tells her that he would never let anything hurt Whitney. TC observes this whole scene and yells at Chad for being around Whitney. Whitney defends Chad and tells TC that Chad was just protecting her. TC lets it go this time but he tells him to keep his distance away from his girls. Chad vows to show TC that he is a good guy. Tabitha and Timmy are just watching everyone, Timmy is worried about Zombie Charity inside because he doesn't want his precious Charity to die. Tabitha is afraid of Timmy getting hurt but she also wants to prove that she is still evil. Eve rushes to the burning house and sees Theresa on the ground, Theresa and Ethan have a nice moment and Theresa confuses it to mean that they are getting back together. Ethan tells her that it's not going to happen. Eve asks Theresa how she is feeling. Theresa says that she's OK, then Eve says that she's is worried about the baby so she wants Ethan to take Theresa to the hospital to have her checked out. Ethan, Chad, Whitney, and Theresa all go to the hospital. Miguel and Zombie charity break the window and jump through it. Zombie Charity is so afraid that she is turning into the demon that she is. They jump and Zombie Charity pretends she can't breathe. Miguel saves her. Pilar is so upset that he almost just died. She doesn't understand why her children can't be happy! Theresa is OK and thanks Ethan and says she's silly about them getting back together. Then she grabs Ethan for one last kiss. Eve on the way to the hospital dropped the envelope with the results. Tabitha finds the envelope and tries to tempt Grace to read it. Ivy asks Eve if she read the results. Eve tells Ivy to give it up. Zombie Charity confronts Kay about trying to kill her and she tell Kay is going to pay, by going straight to HELL.

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