Passions Update Friday 4/5/02


Passions Update Friday 4/5/02

By Susan

Zombie Charity and Miguel (and Kay)

Zombie Charity and Miguel are continuing to be close and all she wants him to do is make love to her. Miguel is hesitant and says he needs the rest room. Zombie Charity sees Kay by the window and tells Kay that there is nothing she can do to save Miguel. Kay says that there has to be something. Miguel comes back into the room and Zombie Charity again tells Miguel to make love to her. Kay says she needs to figure out a way to stop them. She decided to set a blanket on fire.

Theresa, Whitney, Chad, and Ethan

Chad meets a producer at the record studio and lets him hear some of his music. The prodcuer asks if there is a singer that Chad likes to work with. Chad says yes. The producer tells him to sign her to a big contract so she will be with Chad for a while. Chad says that she's not with him at this moment and he doens't know if she will be. Chad then tells Ethan that none of the music stuff matters without Whitney and then he gives back the keys to the studio to Ethan. Ethan tells him that giving back the keys isn't the answer to not having Whitney. Chad tells Ethan that's he's right and that Ethan should follow his heart as well. Chad tells Ethan that he knows that there is still a connection between Ethan and Theresa. Ethan says he stills loves Theresa but since she lied, he can't trust her. Whitney tells Theresa that she can't sing with Chad because it's too hard to be around him. Theresa tells her to follow her heart and that she should trust her because she knows about relationships. Whitney laughs at her and tells her that Theresa has ruined her relationship with Ethan. Whitney says that she would never listen to an evil Julian to help her with Chad. Theresa says that she's going to trick Evil once she gets Ethan. The Glowing eyes appear and it freaks the girls out. Then they see the smoke coming from Theresa's street. They run to see what happened.

Eve, Ivy, David, John, TC, Sam, Tabitha, and Timmy

Eve gets the results of the DNA test and everyone is awaiting to hear. Grace thinks she doesn't need to hear the results. Ivy keeps telling Eve that is she tells the true then she will expose Eve. JUst as Eve was about the hear the results, Sam's phone rings and then he alerts everyone that the Lopez's house is on fire. SO TC, John, Sam, Tabitha, and Timmy all run to the house. Ivy is delighted about the delay. She tells Eve to change the results or there will be problems. Eve says no. David says even though he will lose his son, he's ready to watch Ivy get what she deserve. David says that they should go see if they can help with the fire. Ivy tells Eve that she can't go anywhere and she pulls a gun on her telling her that she'll kill her if she doesn't change the results!

Now everyone is at the blazing Lopez house. Theresa thinks everyone is out of the house. Tabitha and Tmmy know that Miguel and Zombie Charity are still in the house. Zombie Charity and Miguel finally realize that the house is on fire. ZC is scared because fire can kill witches! Everyone is standing outside the burning house, they get a fire hose to try and stall the fire. Miguel and ZC realize that they are trapped. Kay feels so bad about the fire and she runs to go get help. Timmy tells Theresa that she should stand away from the smoke and that he didn't know where Miguel was. Theresa realizes that Miguel is inside. She runs in to try and save him Whitney stops her. Then Whitney turns around and Theresa is gone, Ethan and Chad show up and asks where Theresa is. Whitney says she must have went inside. ZC and Miguel try and get out and he opens the door to his bedroom and everything just catches on fire!!!!!

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