Passions Update Thursday 4/4/02


Passions Update Thurs. 4/5/02 -- USA

By Suvi

Luis is disappointed when he thinks he sees Sheridan, but it's not her. Sheridan senses something familiar nearby. Luis shows Beth a plague on a tree that he has made in Sheridan's honor. Seeing how much pain Luis is in, Beth thinks they should go home.

Eve is nervous. She prepares to read the test results. Tabitha anticipates the pain and misery. TC wants to apologize. Ivy freezes when David says he has something to say.

A horrified Kay stands outside Miguel's bedroom window and watches as Miguel and Zombie Charity begin to make love. Kay blames herself for what is about to happen. Miguel suddenly senses something isn't right. Zombie Charity's hand discreetly transforms into a sharp talon as she fears Miguel knows the truth.

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