Passions Update Monday 4/1/02



Passions Update Monday 4/1/02

By Justin

In Harmony

At the Book Cafe', Eve and T.C. sit at a table, preparing their statements for Sam. T.C leaves for a second and Eve gets a phone call. Eve tells Ivy to leave her alone as T.C. returns. He asks who that was and she says that it was a patient, who is keeping a secret from her husband. T.C. says that Eve probably told her to come clean with her husband. She tells him that no matter what happens know that she will always love him.

At the Bennett's outside, ZCharity and Miguel arrive back and they engage in an innicent kiss (well Kay doesn't think so) as Kay watches from inside and fumes. Kay rushes out and interrupts their hot passionate kiss. ZCharity says that Kay is the reason she became good again and thanks her. Miguel leaves as Kay begins yelling at ZC. Grace walks out and asks what's going on. They go inside and Kay just says that they were talking. Grace doesn't buy it as Sam comes down. Sam asks Kay if she has any ideas for Charity's birthday party as ZCharity says that she is tired. Kay says that she doesn't have any ideas as she says that she is tired too. She goes upstairs. Sam asks Grace if she thinks Kay is in love with Miguel and she says that she admitted it to her.

Upstairs, Kay stops ZCharity as she heads to her room. She says that they aren't finished talking. ZC tells her to go ahead and use the book of spells and destroy her as Kay slaps her across the face. Sam and Grace hear yelling and head up. ZCharity zaps Kay and sends flying to the floor. Kay gets up and pushes ZC onto the bed and they wrestle around, knocking the phone off the hook. Sam and Grace come in and ZC claims that her and Kay are having a pillow fight and hits Kay in the face with one. Kay hits her with one as Sam tells them that it sounded like they were going to kill each other and they go downstairs.

Downstairs, Eve and T.C. arrive with their statements. He cannot believe that Sammy is making his best friends gives statements. Sam takes the statements and asks T.C. if he can stay for a beer. They go into the kitchen. Eve has a worried look on her face as Grace asks her what's wrong. Eve says that she is going to tell T.C. the truth because it is going to come out sooner or later. Grace wonders why. T.C. and Sam talk about how much it will hurt Grace to find out the truth. Grace heads into the kitchen as Eve gets another call from Ivy. She tells Ivy to leave her alone. Later, the four are in the living room and learn that they won't get the results until the next day. Grace asks Eve if she can call and says that they need the results tonight.

In Miguel's room, he looks at a picture of Charity and tries to call her. Later, he tries again and it flashes into Charity's bedroom and the phone is off the hook.

In Charity's room, ZC gets a sexy dress and snaps her fingers. Another version of her appears and ZC opens the window.

At Tabitha's house, Timmy is mad that she through the book in the fire. He wonders why she did it because she loves the book more than him. She tells him that the book is gone as we see it flying in the air. Later, Tabitha and Timmy see ZCharity climbing on the side of their house and she tells him that ZC is going to Miguel's. The doorbell rings and Tabitha answers it to find Kay who is looking for the book. Tabitha claims that she has no clue where it is as her and Timmy spot the book flying above Kay's head.


On the Bermuda Air, Luis sits in his sit as the flight attendent asks if he has ever been to Bermuda. He says yes and she asks if he's going alone and he says that he's going with a friend. Later, the attendent returns and wonders what's taking "him" long (Luis' friend) as Luis tells her that he's a she. Beth arrives and the flight attendent is embarassed, so she walks away. Beth sits down with Luis and tells him that he can still change his mind. Luis says that he wants to go with her as she cannot wait to go. The announcer says that they are ready to take off.

On the Bermuda boat, Brian and Sheridan talk about Bermuda. She cannot wait to get there. Later, Brian asks about that vision that she had about them having kids. She says that he probably thinks she's crazy. Brian tells "Diana" that they are almost there. They approach Bermuda.

At the Pavillions Hotel, Beth and Luis are at the front desk and learn from the clerk that they only have one room and they say that they will take it after discussing it. Just as they walk off, Brian and Sheridan arrive. They too learn that there is only one room and they discuss it too. Brian and Sheridan take the room and head to the elevator as a bellhop walks in and sees her. He flashes back to seeing Sheridan and Luis. The desk clerk asks Bill (or whatever his name is) what he saw and he says a ghost. Brian and Sheridan close the elevator door as Beth and Luis approach and she yells hold the door. Brian holds the door open as Beth and Luis head to the elevator.

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