Passions Update Friday 3/29/02


Passions Update Friday 3/29/02

By Susan

Brian and Diana

Brian is underground fixing something on the boat and sail becomes loose and knocks Diana overboard. She is knocked unconscious and sinking. Brian hears the noise and wonders what happened. He can't find Diana so he wonders where she went. Diana wakes up and sees Luis rescuing her, they kiss and then go above water. Diana asks why he keeps saving her. he asks if she knows who he is. she says yes and that she remembers everything. Then she realizes it Brian, not Luis. He takes her back to the boat. Brian asks her if she really remembers. She says she remembers not her present life but her past life. She remembers that Brian was also on the Titanic, he saved her. Then she remembered them getting married and having children and a wonderful life. Diana says that Brian's life is missing something and it's his family. Diana knows that Brian is not ready to talk about why he left his family, so she will not push it. Then she says that she can't believe that they had such a perfect life. Brian says that it doesn't just have to be their past life, they can have it now as well. The way they can start is by having the perfect kiss. Of course they kiss.

Pilar, Luis, and Beth

Beth calls Luis to let him know that's she is almost ready and will be over shortly to go to Bermuda. Pilar comes in and tells Luis that she is happy that he is going on the trip with Beth. Pilar give Luis a medal that she found under her bed. Pilar says it will bring him good luck and that Antonio used to wear one like that and that she thought Antonio might have brought it to her. Luis confesses that the night Julian was killed, Antonio showed up to Harmony. Luis thinks that Pilar is upset but she says that he just gave her the best news because that means Antonio is alive. Luis apologizes for sending him away. Pilar says as long as she knows that Antonio is alive, she's happy. Then Luis says that no matter what he will find Antonio and bring him back to Pilar. Pilar tells Luis that she is so proud of him that he is taking Beth to Bermuda. Beth arrives at the house wearing beachwear, very excited. Pilar tells them to have a good time and then they leave. Luis tells Beth to wait and then he kisses her and thanks her for being patient and for accompanying him on the trip. Then she kisses him back and tells him that Bermuda might be the perfect beginning for them.

Theresa, Whitney, Chad, and Ethan

Theresa, Whitney, Chad, and Ethan are all at the Book Cafe and then these eyes appear to Whitney and Theresa. Theresa and Whitney are visibly freaked out. There is an odd amount of wind in the restaurant. Whitney tells Theresa that the evil heard Theresa say that she was going to be good after she finished Julian's plan. Whitney says that Theresa needs to forget about the plan and forget about becoming Mrs. Julian Crane. The wind and light go back on and Ethan ad Chad come back in saying the a fuse must have blown. Theresa and Whitney tell the guys about the glowing eyes. They just say it's from a book. They laugh at the girls and tell them they were afraid of a book. Then Ethan suggests that they go see the studio that the Cranes are giving Chad. Theresa says that look at what the Crane money is doing it. Whitney says it will only create pain and misery. Theresa says that Whitney is the only one is pain and misery because Whitney won't let herself try a music career and love Chad. Chad is so excited but he really wants Whitney to join him. She says she can't and runs out of the studio. Chad can't believe. Theresa and Ethan leave to Chad to work on some songs. Theresa and Ethan hug because they are happy, they helped make some of Chad's dreams come true. They walk away and you see the eyes are following Theresa again.

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