Passions Update Thursday 3/28/02


Passions Update Thurs. 3/28/02 -- USA

By Justin

Outside the Book Cafe', Luis sits thinking about Sheridan as Hank arrives and offers to buy him a drink. Luis thinks him or the offer, but says no. He heads home after he looks at a picture of Sheridan.

At the Lopez Fitzgerald's, Pilar, Theresa, and Whitney return from the Crane's. Pilar tells Theresa that the Crane money will only bring evil into their house. Pilar asks how she thinks fighting against Ivy and Rebecca is going to get Ethan back as Luis walks in asking you're still trying to get Ethan back. He learns that she hired a lawyer and wants to fire him. He asks what she was thinking, but she blows him off. As she goes to leave with Whitney, Luis grabs the phone and tries to call the lawyer, but Theresa grabs it off of him. She leaves with Whitney. 
Inside the Book Cafe', Chad sits down on a chair as Ethan arrives. Ethan says that he is worried about Theresa as she's hired a lawyer that gives lawers a bad name. Ethan says that he needs to be in his mother's corner, but also wants to be in Theresa's corner. Chad talks about his CD that he made and is working on his laptop to fix it up as Ethan spots Theresa outside. Ethan tells Chad that he has an idea and heads outside. He asks Theresa if she wants to help him, but they need to be together. Theresa gets her hopes up, but he only meant that they need to help Chad. He tells Theresa that the Crane's own a Music Studio and needs her permission to let Chad use it. She agrees as Chad comes out. They tell him the idea and he is happy, but Whitney doesn't look to happy. Later inside, Ethan gets off the phone with his mother and tells Chad that she said yes too. Chad is really stoked now. Chad and Ethan go to get coffee. Theresa tells Whitney about her plan to trick the demons as the lights go out and a really strong wind breaks out. Theresa and Whitney see a pair of yellow glowing eyes and Whitney tells Theresa that it's a demon and it came to take her back to h*ll. 

Back at the Lopez Fitzgerald's, Luis tells Pilar that he is going to call off his trip to Bermuda and picks up the phone to call Beth. Pilar takes the phone off of him, saying that he should go. Pilar goes to her room. Later after he is all packed, Luis looks at a picture of Sheridan.

On the boat to Bermuda, Brian returns with a drink for Sheridan and catches her reading the letter again. She reads parts of it to him and tells him how touched she was when she read this. She wonders what happened to the man and he tells her that he probably moved on. He asks Diana if she is going to move on. They hear a noise and Brian says that if they hear it again he will check it out. Sheridan is psyched about going to Bermuda as they see the lights. They talk about Diana's "dead" lover. Later, they hear the noise again and Brian goes down to check it. Sheridan wonders what the water holds for her in Bermuda as we see the boom come loose and swing. It swings and hits Sheridan, making her fall overboard. Below deck, Brian hears something and hopes it's the wind picking up. Luis says that he knows Sheridan is gone as we get a shot of her sinking underwater. 

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