Passions Update Wednesday 3/27/02



Passions Update Wednesday 3/27/02/

By Susan

Tabitha, Zombie Charity, and Timmy

Tabitha and Zombie Charity explain (once again) why she destroyed the book. Z.C. says that Tabitha has gone soft because she cares more about Timmy then her magic. During their conversation -- the book of spells floats around showing that fire can't destroy it. Z.C. is happy with her new dolls. The dolls can show her what is going on and she can tell them what to do. Tabitha and Timmy are tired of dealing with Zombie Charity and they go off to have a Martimmy. The basement is proud Zombie Charity is doing.

Brian and Diana

Diana says that since she borrowed the clothes from Liz tonight then they can sail right away to Bermuda. Diana is really excited. Brian is worried that she is getting her hopes up. Brian agrees to go. Diana keeps saying that she can't wait to get to Bermuda because she hopes that she runs into someone she knows. She apologizes for sounding like a broken record. She then sees a bottle in the ocean and she makes Brian gets it out of the water. She see that there is a letter in the bottle and reads it and is so moved by it that she is moved to tears. She tells Brian maybe that the letter was written for her, he says maybe. She tells him that he appreciates him for encouraging her. Diana says that maybe she should forget about the past and maybe her true happiness is right before her eyes.

Luis, Beth, and Hank

Beth, Luis and Hank are at the Book Cafe. Beth buys Luis some coffee, Hank went to get a book and he pulls out message in a bottle. Luis explains the story about how when men long their loves, they wrote a letter and put it in a bottle to send their lost love -- their love. Hank says that he could never do that. Luis says that he did that for Sheridan and he remembers word for word what it said. Beth listens while Luis recites the Letter (the same one that Diana is reading). Beth tells Luis that it was the most beautiful thing she ever heard. Luis apologizes to Beth because he knows he has to leave the past behind. Beth understands and tells him not to worry about it. Luis said he is ready for the new beginning and to start over in Bermuda. 

Ethan, Pilar, Rebecca, Ivy, Theresa, and The Attorney

Ivy and Rebecca are shocked by Theresa's orders to leave the house. Rebecca and Ivy start chasing Theresa. Ethan and Gwen try to stop them. Theresa is winded but she's ok. Her attorney said that if she was hurt, it would be good for their case. Ethan asks Theresa to reconsider and that she would be taken care of. Theresa says she's alone. Pilar says she has her family. Theresa says they need the money to support the baby. The attorney says that Ethan and Julian just used Theresa. Ethan denies this, he says there was something more between them. Theresa apologizes but she doesn't trust that Ivy would give her money so she needs to go ahead with the case. Ethan says that he hopes it doesn't hurt their friendship. Theresa's attorney asks Theresa tells her he knows that she wants more then the money. Theresa says money means nothing, her attorney is appalled. Theresa says she just wants Ethan back and she will stop at nothing till she get it.

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