Passions Update Tuesday 3/26/02



Passions Update Tuesday 3/26/02

By Suvi

Tabitha is sure she has eliminated the danger to Timmy. However, unbeknownst to her, the book of spell reemerges from the fireplace. Zombie Charity chastises Tabitha for caring so much about a stupid doll like Timmy. Tabitha watches as "Charity" plays with special dolls. Zombie Charity predicts pain for Luis and Sheridan in Bermuda. Meanwhile, Timmy struggles to get inside the cave to save the real Charity.

Luis invites Beth to go with him on the free trip to Bermuda. Luis is gut-punched when he learns he and Beth will be staying at the same resort where he vacationed with Sheridan.

Sheridan and Brian prepare for their trip together. Sheridan remembers a name from her past. Liz hides her hurt as she presents Sheridan and Brian with tickets to a dance in Bermuda. Meanwhile, Luis is hurt as a piece of his and Sheridan's history burns.

Rebecca, Ivy, and Ethan are shocked when Theresa shows up at the Crane mansion with a lawyer. The boisterous attorney is confident that he will win eveything for his client. Ivy and Rebecca are livid as the attorney makes it clear he plans to play dirty in order to win.

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