Passions Update Monday 3/25/02



Passions Update Monday 3/25/02

By Susan

Hank, Maddie, Beth, and Luis

Hank, Maddie, Beth and Luis are enjoying dinner at the Boat Cafe. Beth remembers how Hank won the trip to Bermuda but then said maybe he should switch so Luis can confront his fears. Beth hoped that Hank made the right choice. The waiter asks both men to turn over their plates and it turns out that Luis won the trip. Luis says he doesn't want to go immediately. He doesn't want to return to the past. Beth gets angry at Hank for switching. Maddie thinks Hank made the wrong mistake and walks out on him. Luis asks Beth to leave, he finds out that he has won the trip and he can still change his mind. Luis walks to the docks. Luis panics and ask what they are doing with the old wood. The worker points to a burning pile. Then Luis hears Beth scream. He reaches her and see her grabbing her hand. He asked what she was doing, she says she saw the carving that He made and and tried to get it for him. Luis is touched by this action and tells her maybe this is a sign to move on. He asks Beth to go to Bermuda with him and she agrees.

Brian and Diana

Brian and Diana are excited about their upcoming trip to Bermuda. Diana wants to go everywhere because maybe she'll run into someone she knew. Brian asks why she can't just enjoy her life now and leave the past behind. Diana while enjoying the beach starts playing in the sand and she makes a heart that says "L + S" in it. Diana didn't even realize that she did it. Brian thinks it might mean something, Diana says she she forget about it. Then go and pack the boat ready to sail to Bermuda.

Timmy and Tabitha

Tabitha says that Timmy needs to stay away from the Book of Spells because if he tries to kill Zombie Charity then he will kill Charity as well. She sends Timmy away and tells him to forget about the book of spells. Tabitha tries to hide the book, then the scroll appears and shows Tabitha that if Timmy doesn't stop then he will have a horrible dead. Tabitha wouldn't be able to deal with that so she runs around the room trying to find a good hiding place. The only place that she decides is ok is the fire. So she throws the book into the fire and leaves the room. The burning book rises up and proves that it can't be burned. Timmy runs to the cave where Charity is and finds that it's blocked. He says he'll will do anything to save her.

Ivy, Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, and Whitney

Ethan thinks that Ivy and Rebecca are too hard on Theresa. He tells Rebecca that he is making progress with getting the divorce revoked for Ivy, so she would be the true Mrs. Crane. Ivy and Rebecca can't believe that Ethan and Gwen believe Theresa. Ethan says that Theresa just wants to make sure that the baby is cared for and if Ivy wins, then he will make sure of that. Ivy tells Rebecca that she blackballed Theresa from getting a lawyer. If anyone helps Theresa then the Cranes with ruin their firm. Theresa is livid about seeing Gwen kiss Theresa. She says that she is going to go along with Julian's plan. No matter what, she will have the money, power, and Ethan. Whitney thinks Theresa needs to calm down. Theresa takes out the phone book to call a lawyer, they all hang up on her once she tells them her name. Whitney figures out what Ivy did and tells Theresa to just give up. Theresa says no, she remembers seeing a new firm in the morning paper. She calls them and they are willing to help her. Theresa changes clothes and then her and Whitney go to the offices. The new attorney is a smooth, fast talking man. He says that he is willing to do whatever it takes for Theresa. Theresa, her attorney, and Whitney all go to the Crane mansion and tell Ivy and Rebecca that she is suing them for the legal claim of being Mrs. Julian Crane. Rebecca, Ivy and Ethan are shocked. Rebecca asks who that is and Ivy says that she has never seen him before.

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