Passions Update Friday 3/22/02


Passions Update Friday 3/22/02

By Suvi

Sheridan thinks the key to her mysterious past could be in Bermuda. She asks Brian if they can go one day. Brian gently warns her not to get her hopes up about finding someone who recognizes her.

Liz hopes to go to Bermuda with Brian when a customer asks her to have a boat delivered there. Doc warns her Brian will probably ask Sheridan to go with him. Brian is very excited by the job offer and has a question for a hopeful Liz.

At the Lobster Shack, the possibility of winning a trip to Bermuda brings up sad memories for Luis. Beth tries to comfort him.

Hank agrees to take his new woman friend to Bermuda if he wins the competition. Hank is concerned when he sees Luis is still pained by Sheridan's memory.

Tabitha warns Timmy the real Charity will perish if he uses the book of spells to get rid of Zombie Charity. Meanwhile, unaware of the consequences, Kay chants a spell from the book to destroy the zombie.

Zombie Charity puts the moves on Miguel. She's forced to pull away when she realizes she's disappearing. The livid zombie races to find who's casting a spell against her.

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