Passions Update Thursday 3/21/02


Passions Update Thurs. 3/21/02 -- USA

By Suvi

Short one today, sorry!

Kay warns Miguel and her friends that "Charity" may not really be back to normal. Jessica is mad at Kay. She warns Kay to stop stirring up trouble between Charity and Miguel.

Luis is pained as he visits the area on the wharf where he and Sheridan carved their initials. Beth lends her support. Luis and Beth decide to go on a date.

Zombie Charity and Tabitha fight. Following Faith's advice, Timmy bravely combs through the book of spells to find a spell to save Charity. Tabitha tries to stop Timmy from finishing a spell.

Meanwhile, a gas leak in Liz's kitchen puts Sheridan in grave danger. Brian risks his life to save her.

At the Lobster Shack, Hank impresses a beautiful girl when he tells how he's trying to help his friend move on with a new woman.

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